back to article Look at me. Look at me. I'm the El Capitan now: Cray to build US govt's $600m cray-cray exascale nuke app super

Cray will build Uncle Sam's 1.5 exa-FLOPS El Capitan supercomputer for $600m, it was announced today. The monster system is expected to roll off the assembly line in late 2022, and, when up and running in 2023, burn through as many as 1.5 quintillion math calculations per second, it is claimed. It will use the Shasta …

  1. Big Al 23

    Finally some real computing power

    If I can borrow this puter to balance my check book all will be good.

  2. fnusnu

    Imagine a beowulf cluster of these!

  3. StargateSg7

    It's Pure Shite!

    Our Vancouver MONSTER MACHINE is 119 ExaFLOPS at 128-bits wide SUSTAINED performance !!!!

    Filled with 60 GHz GaAs combined CPU/GPU/DSP Super-Server Chips and 2 THz GaAs/GaN array processor chips!

    595 Times more powerful than Summit and 79.3 times more powerful than El Capitan!

    We Win !!!



    Call us when you even get close!


  4. Dr. G. Freeman

    Obvious question- can it run Crysis ?

    1. Jc (the real one)

      probably can mine a few bitcoins even if it can't play games!


    2. StargateSg7

      YUP! It CAN play Crysis because the system can emulate the entire x32/x64 instruction set (and MANY others!) in real time using just a software-based assembly language emulator! When you're running at 60 GHz you can do an entire CPU at whatever speed you want but I should note that Windows 10 v1903 seems to have a 5.5 GHz limit though! It doesn't like being emulated at say 50 GHz, 30 GHz or even at 10 GHz. There is a timing/clock issue that is probably due to the clock being used for clock-time sensitive application and/or OS file signing and/or time-sensitive digital signatures. Run it at 5.5 GHz or less and you're fine!

      What's REALLY COOL though, it running MULTIPLE VM-managers that in-themselves run multiple virtual machines! Ever seen 500 MILLION instances of Ubuntu running in parallel with ALL INSTANCES communicating with each other in a virtualized WAN and multi-SUB-LANs network using virtualized GPU's and displays?! Where switching to and between each VM instance is a breeze and FAAAAAST and where ALL VM instances have the equivalent desktop experience and responsiveness of a typical Intel i7 and i9 desktop workstation!

      Of course, we are spreading that over a few thousand combined CPU/GPU/DSP super-server-chips, but 500 MILLION SIMULTANEOUS UBUNTU VM INSTANCES each running multiple end-user applications under an equivalent 75% CPU load is nothing to laugh at!


      1. Sam Crawley

        Which grump voted this down?! Have an up for knowledge and enthusiasm :)

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