back to article Arrow? More like Boomerang, amirite? Computacenter buys back tech disposal biz it disposed of

London-listed tech supplier Computacenter has revealed it snapped up the IT asset disposal business RD Trading (RDC) in the UK from Arrow Electronics Inc, just four years after flogging it to Arrow's British tentacle for £56m. Over the past few years, Computacenter has had an agreement with the distributor for the continuation …

  1. Fatman

    I wonder what the """real""" reason for the initial sale was?

    I bet it some schmuck beancounter thinking that they could offload a """sinking ship""" for a boatload of cash; thus reclaiming some invested capital, and buying back those assets at a """"fire sale price""" in the future when the new owners got tired of the losses.

    Not too unlike those "sale-leaseback" transactions where CAPEX is shifted into OPEX.

  2. Erlang Lacod

    Good to see that RDC are still going. I was one of the founder members when it was independent and am still kicking myself I didnt push harder to buy a share.

    Back in the day we ran computer auctions, manufactured our own branded desktop PCs and did a lot of spot buying and selling of components. It started in a small unit next to a tyre and exhaust centre in deepest small town Essex in those crusty days before Email. Great days as the business model was intentionally light and flexible so that we could focus on virtually any computer related activity where there was demand. IDE drives were too expensive for economy priced PCs and no one was really convinced if Windows 95 would catch on but our own market research proved customers were happy with homebrewed PCs with 2x second hand double height 5.25 inch SCSI drives so long as we stuck extra feet on their full tower cases to stop them rocking too violently on start up. In between manufacturing 2 brands of desktop PCs we found time to prove that multiplayer Doom worked perfectly well over a Novell Netware LAN, proved that a kit car could indeed be constructed from scratch between the racks of stock in the warehouse and prove that we could run auctions in different parts of the country every weekend without mishap. Time and tide moved on and eventually the startup was bought first by Datrontech, then as the new corporate IT inventory disposal market really started to take off it was acquired by Computacentre to focus solely on that market.

    Interesting to read that Arrow have just sold it back to them. A great place to work in its day with a myriad of larger than life characters.

    It was an effective launchpad for many people's careers. Long may it continue

  3. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    I just love it

    I just love when companies waste millions acquiring then selling a business, and then turn around and spend more millions, if not billions, re-acquiring the same fucking business.

    Kind of demonstrates just how ignorant the CxO-level types actually are, despite all their qualifications and titles. They haven't a fucking clue, just like the rest of us.

    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: I just love it

      Have to agree but they're amateurs. Consider the BT -> O2 split -> acquire EE at the cost of giving Deutsche Telekom a pound o shareholders' flesh.

      1. NeilPost Silver badge

        Re: I just love it

        But BT did not want to dispose of O2. It was foisted on them by fuckers in the City of London whose analysts reckoned Cellphones had peaked. BT was over leveraged in debt.

        With their return to Core businesses many companies acquired over a 15 year diversification have been disposed of - from Retail Technology to BT Facilities.

        Next to go will by BT Fleet (who maintain the AA and NHS as well as many others too).

        After that after 7 or so years flogging a horse, I predict they will sell or joint venture BT Sport with Disney and some (best served cold) revenge will be had on Comcast/Sky with the full launch of Fox Sports in Europe.

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