back to article Microsoft's Windows Terminal preview gets jiggy with Azure – but emphasis on 'preview'

Microsoft continued its breakneck pace of Windows Terminal development with a major update to its open source command line baby over the weekend. The very-preview code has hit 0.3, and we took a look at version 0.3.2142.0, which can currently be found in the otherwise moribund Microsoft Store. The release can also be picked up …

  1. nematoad Silver badge


    "It's more consistent with how browsers such as Chrome or Chromium Edge work so feels a good deal more natural."

    More familiar would probably be a better way of putting it. If that is you use Chrome or one of its ilk. If something is natural it has probably got to do with the way we are set up to work. So something like a tin opener would feel "natural" to a right handed person but not to someone left handed. They would get familiar with how to use it but it would still not be "natural" to them as it's the wrong way round

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