back to article Waiting for Amos: SpaceX delays satellite launch as it tries hard not to blow this one up

Space fans enjoyed a busy week thanks to a plethora of spacecraft attached to the International Space Station, India continuing its journey to the Moon and SpaceX teasing its next launch. Amos delayed while SpaceX fiddles with Falcon, teases Starship and attracts NASA attention Rocket fanciers hoping for a Falcon 9 launch were …

  1. arctic_haze

    God speed Chandrajaan!

    It is good that more and more nations take part in the space exploration. And not even because the flat earth bunch will need to add one more apace agency to its conspiracy theory. Rather because of the effect on science progress of our Earth-bound civilization.

  2. Spoonsinger

    I miss the days when The Register had a space program.

    Happy times.

    1. Dvon of Edzore

      Re: I miss the days when The Register had a space program.

      Just a few more subscribers and your friendly neighborhood Vulture can afford to book that trip with Spaceflight or another rocket-share broker; putting the Beak Signal back in the Heavens.

      Although I'd wait for the RasPi 4 Mk. II, just to be safe.

    2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: I miss the days when The Register had a space program.

      It's a British tradition to give up on space programmes :-)

      1. Colemanisor

        Re: I miss the days when The Register had a space program.

        Not necessarily, the cost of the Indian moon project is almost identical to the amount the UK gave to India in foreign aid, nice!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE. Re. I miss the days

    Not all of us. Lat I heard there are some folks who are working on staged model rockets capable of launching micro Cubesats and suchlike.

    Incidentally I did look into launching a hybrid Lifter/balloon aka Ionocraft but the problem is diminishing returns.

    There is a workaround but not going to do anything as have enough issues with the authorities as it is but they know who I am :-)

    Hint: It uses elements found in nature, in quantity and can be made using off the shelf equipment if you have very basic

    skills in the art of Google-fu. To be honest the sort of power density is lower than chemical rockets but this isn't a problem for

    very small payloads. (ie 5cm3 max weight of maybe 400g)

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