back to article Everything old is new again in this week's Microsoft roundup

While many prepared for a well-earned August holiday, the Microsoft purses were a-flapping and keyboards a-clacking last week. Join us for a round-up of the stories that you might have missed. Redmond gets its claws into BlueTalon With an eye to data compliance and security, Microsoft snapped up governance boffins BlueTalon …

  1. Blockchain commentard Silver badge

    Re 'Mac Book'

    Funny, but Apple should have long ago been giving him free products (and his parents for naming him that).

  2. VinceH


    Microsoft VP and Technical Fellow, Laura Butler, weighed in by tweeting, "I don't wanna rain on the parade" and then did exactly that by pointing out that good old calc.exe had the topmost functionality back in 1994.

    And I don't want to rain on Butler's or Microsoft's parade (I want to piss on it), but they should go back a little further and look at the calculator on RISC OS - or indeed any application on RISC OS. (To be fair, it has many problems due to the numbers involved - developers, users, and the money developers can make because of the number of users - but the active window not being forced to the top of the stack is one of its very good points).

    1. J. R. Hartley

      Re: Optional

      Re: raining on both your parades, the Amiga calculator could be always on top back in 1984.

  3. Christopher Reeve's Horse

    Getting on top of things

    And for that matter, why shouldn't there be functionality for the user to set ANY window to be always on top? Just right click the menu bar to toggle on or off. You see, useful and productive ideas aren't even that hard! Instead we get auto installed Candy Crush pish. Thanks Microsoft.

    1. TomPhan

      Re: Getting on top of things

      To be fair to Microsoft they've only been working on their operating system for less than 40 years, you can't expect them to have it working properly yet.

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