back to article GoDaddy's daddy goes: Chief exec Scott Wagner steps down as hosting biz swings into the red

GoDaddy chief exec Scott Wagner has stepped down citing "health reasons" as the hosting business reported a net loss of $12.6m (£10.4m) in its second-quarter results. In the same quarter ended June 30 the previous year, GoDaddy made a net income of $18.1m. Its swing into the red appears to be due to an increase in costs, but …

  1. SVV

    In 2018 Scott W. Wagner made $22,520,839 in total compensation.

    If I earned that much, I'd step down for health reasons too. Mainly the health of my bank acoount.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I hope it dies completely

    GoDaddy is to domain handling what OVH is to hosting: cheap because they cut every possible corner, and full of crap.


    1. sketharaman

      No I don't ... I hope it dies completely

      My experience with GoDaddy is exactly the opposite. The price keeps going up every time the domain name comes up for renewal. Even if GoDaddy was cheap at year 1, it's no longer so cheap a few years later. I've rarely required support from GoDaddy - maybe because I only buy domain names from GoDaddy and host my websites elsewhere - but whenever I've reached out to GoDaddy via Twitter or Email, I've got good support.

  3. Simon Rockman

    I like GoDaddy

    This week I had an hour long call with "sales" where they went through all the services I had switched some off and many to cheaper alternatives. It will have significantly reduced my quarterly spend.

    I also like the tech support, the Phoenix office, in particular, has the ability to pitch explanations at the right technical level for me. Not being condescending or talking over my head.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I like GoDaddy

      " the right technical level..."

      Which is?

      Not trying to be doom and gloom, but they held on to 2 of my domains in a high pressure sales tactic that I think was illegal, definitely immoral. The frustrations of web hosting should be purely technical, not overrated sales tatics designed to work on people who just awoke from a 80yr. cryogenic sleep.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I like GoDaddy

      Oh, you'll discover what you let yourself in for when something goes wrong.

      We've helped every single one of our customers move to EasyDNS. Same prices, but close to otherworldly competence compared to GoDaddy - they do simple for end users, and deep technical for old hacks like me who go straight to the problem.

  4. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Not enough Jam then Harry

    in your RolyPoly's?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Scott Wagner steps down... Cites health reasons

    He was told, "you better leave now if you want to live"

  6. Ryan Kendall

    Those Renewals

    I liked them to begin with, but then the renewal DNS & SSL prices are just silly and made me leave.

    They also auto-renew on the 9th month into a 12-month subscription.

  7. JohnFen

    GoDaddy's losing money?


  8. P. Lee
    Big Brother


    Weren't they the ones who shunned Gab because they didn't like their stance on free speech?

    My heart bleeds.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hosting at Godaddy losing money.

    I bought a domain name and as Godaddy was having a decent promotion on hosting, and with the discount code (easily available on Google) applied, a very good deal.

    Two years later and the hosting renewal fee became due, and very silly figures were mentioned. At this time I remembered two of my previously hard learnt rules, Never have a main site hosted on your domain supplier. And, if you must have a purchased domain to use a host server, then make sure it is one you can throw away.

    Luckily, I was able to download the site, close the hosting package, reinstall on another server I had available and repoint the name servers on Godaddy.

    As to domain name registration and renewal, have to say that the prices are no longer competitive and I am looking round and comparing. (might be worth mentioning, but you don't actually buy domain names from Godaddy, you rent them. If they think they have a value, if you decide to cancel a name, they can sell it on. Although, to be honest, they are quite happy to allow you to sell the name on yourself)

    Reading the article concerning the departing CEO's previous business experience made everything clear...

  10. TechBearMike

    Side topic, I suppose, but GoDaddy does a huge amount of philanthropic work in the Phoenix area. Some of the major projects they've underwritten are truly impressive, and I'm not easily impressed by "generous" grants that amount to $500 or so. Just sayin'.

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