back to article The April 2018 Update is so 1803, snort Windows 10 faithful as more settle down in 1903 town

Microsoft's OS hangover from last year continued to recede this month as uptake of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (1903) jumped, mostly at the expense of April 2018's code dump (1803). Figures from ad slingers AdDuplex (based on a sample of 100,000 PCs) show usage of 1903 has crested double figures at 11.4 per cent, up from 6. …

  1. Jeroen Braamhaar
    Big Brother

    Consistency IS a thing in the world of the Microsoft team.

    They're still consistently fucking up.

    1. 9Rune5 Silver badge

      Re: Consistency IS a thing in the world of the Microsoft team.

      I am on average quite happy with the new builds.

      However, my experience is that it is impossible to get any feedback through to the team. Two years ago (or so), they updated the AMD driver that is provided by Windows Update. AMD meanwhile stopped supporting a bunch of cards, meaning the new driver only supported a small subset of the functionality of the old cards. On my GPU the higher resolutions disappeared. Thanks to a helpful forum posting I managed to get hold of the old driver and could hold off on upgrading my GPU a little while longer.

      The home directory being wiped if it wasn't hosted on the C: drive issue is of a more serious character of course and something that got quite a lot of bad press. I haven't stuck around the feedback hub after that, so I don't know if they actually managed to improve on capturing valuable feedback, but I'm not holding my breath.

      As a humble developer, my experience is that if you ask the users how important their bug reports are, they will all get rated as "A/1" (serious showstopper / frequently encountered). Worse yet if the tester is a colleague. There are exceptions: I had one colleague who downrated even serious issues, which then were almost lost because her colleagues were much less diligent. It wasn't a huge problem for us, because we are nowhere near the size of MS.

  2. TheGriz
    Thumb Down

    Consistency? HA!

    If in you mean they "consistently" ignore their customers feedback. How long will they stubbornly hang on to the disastrous Metro interface, and the most loathed of all things Windows, "The Windows 10 Start Menu". You can't tell me that Redmond has not gotten literally 10s of thousands of complaints about both of those (cough) features.

  3. ab-gam

    "Fix it Till It's Broken (Again)"

    I just got the 1903 update pushed to the system I use for domain management.

    It automatically and transparently uninstalled ADUC via the tastefully limited path of ripping out all parts of RSAT.

    Now it errors out when I try to re-add RSAT.

    Not a big deal. It's only the system I use to administer AD users and groups.


    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: "Fix it Till It's Broken (Again)"

      Microsoft. Redefining the expression "You're holding it wrong" since July 29, 2015.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "Fix it Till It's Broken (Again)"

      I thought RSAT was now "feature on demand" within windows 10 after 1809? A "Managed optional feature"! in MS speak.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    People are still running windoze, let alone windoze 10?

    what a strange dream I'm having.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      @AC - Re: People are still running windoze, let alone windoze 10?

      It's not a dream, it's horror and it's as real as it can get.

  5. Anne-Lise Pasch

    I upgraded to 1903. My hdmi flickered repeatedly even with latest AMD drivers. Spent 2 hours trying various reinstalls of the drivers. Rolled back. Everything working fine. Decided not worth it. Don't want to debug Windows/AMD any more.

    1. bazza Silver badge

      Things are definitely odd. I've an ancient Sony Vaio laptop, with an ATI GPU. The laptop is old enough that when Windows 10 first hove into view, Sony said that it wouldn't work (not even "not supported"). Yet here I am a few years later and Win10 supported it just fine. Good - it's now on MS supported OS. Bad - my excuse to buy a new one evaporated.

      Er, I hope I've not jinxed it...

  6. JLV

    I eventually relented and went from 16xx to 1809, around February.

    What, you say? The Doomed release?

    Well, given how much unflattering coverage it got them and how many times they re-released it, I figured that it had had a lot more QA TLC than usual by then. Calculated risk.

    Went fairly well. Only nuked the sound, mute now, inconvenient for a part-gaming secondary PC. Oh and reset the sleep and power settings so that it’s, again, narcoleptic running VMs when I am not on the machine. Figure I’ll take it in to the MS retail store for the first problem. And, for the second, having the Steam launcher open seems to convince it to respect its “never go to sleep when plugged in” setting. Can’t be bothered to, again, spend hours figuring out why that’s not enough, somehow.

    The sad thing’s that this low-grade snafu seems not so much 1809-specific as standard Windows 10.

    Given the choice, and sufficient familiarity with alternatives, would you trust Windows as your primary OS?

    1. Jeroen Braamhaar

      I wouldn't trust windows10 to run on my doormat, not even letting it near anything secondary OS or better.

  7. simonlb

    "our data gave us confidence that device would have a great update experience"

    Well considering the vast quantities of telemetry you've been hoovering up over the past few years Microsoft, it appears that you may well have been using the wrong dataset to make that decision.

    And I personally would never associate the word 'great' with any form of experience related to Windows since you released version 8.

    And FFS stop calling everything a device. A phone or tablet are devices; a computer/laptop/server are most definitely not. Those are tools used by people to do proper stuff and should be treated with a lot more consideration and thought when you are cobbling together your next OS 'update'.

  8. Hans 1 Silver badge

    One of my systems received the update last week and I must say, upgrade went smoothly, so almost 5 months late this time around ?

    Strange, I thought they were on 6 month release cycles ... does this mean that 1909 will be released the same month as 2003 ? Of course not, it will be release instead of 2003 ... BTW, Windows 2003, hm, return of the undead OS ?

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