back to article Google becomes third major cloud vendor to tie the knot with VMware

VMware enthusiasts will be able to lift-and-shift their virtualized workloads directly into Google Cloud before the end of the year, after the two businesses agreed a deal. Support for VMware software will be based on integrations developed by CloudSimple, the same firm that was responsible for the voodoo magic that made …

  1. Jay Lenovo

    Oh yeah, I guess this is profitable too.

    Google finally wakes-up and gets in the game.

    One of the things you can do, when your development of a censored Chinese search engine is abandoned in June.

  2. fredesmite

    Remember - Cloud computing

    Is nothing more than putting your crap on someone else's computer that other people are using , and expecting the owners to care more about it than you do..

    No wonder nothing works anymore. You can't find anyone responsible for anything.

    But this is nothing new. There are already 3rd party products (RightScale comes to mind ) that allow you to migrate loads from VmWare to AWS , or Openstack ( Rackpace) ;

    Just remember -- they want your data - Once you load your data off-site ; Cloud providers make their money from the storage retention .

    1. Mayday

      Re: Remember - Cloud computing

      But it's cheaper isn't it?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Remember - Cloud computing

        We had some work loads that were wanted (by some others in the company) to be moved to AWS, forgetting the security requirements we had for this work load, to entertain the idea we compared the cost of running the work load locally, purchase costs for SAN storage, sync replicated, snapshots, backup, over a 5 year period, with server hardware purchased and replaced after 3 years, cooling / power. The cross over point was at 1.5 years from what I remember. Where it became more expensive in AWS. This was a couple couple of years ago, so may have changed now.

        This didn't take into account that the hardware locally could be reused after the 3 year renewal (5 year warranty on them).

        The workload was CPU and memory intensive, 24/7. Servers costs we set to prepaid dedicated instances.

  3. hoola Bronze badge

    Follow the money

    There could be two views:

    Either VMware are pushing this to protect their long-term future and continue to rake in the cash or they fall by the wayside

    The cloud providers are taking the long view and are working on the principal that the easier it is to get the customer locked in the better.

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