back to article Toodle-oo Raijin and g'day Gadi, you beauty! Australia's fastest super 'puter will bench 38 PFLOPS later this year

Australia's most powerful supercomputer is - we are told - about to get 10 times faster in November, thanks to an AU$70m (£39.4m) cash injection from the government. The new machine, called Gadi – meaning "to search for" in the language of the Ngunnawal people of Canberra - will replace Raijin, which entered operation in 2013 …

  1. StargateSg7

    Piece of CRAP!!!! We got a 119 ExaFLOPS (or 119 THOUSAND PETAFLOPS!) supercomputer here in Vancouver! It runs at 60 GHz for the combined CPU/GPU/DSP general processor chips and 2 THz for the specialized Vector/Array processors! They are BOTH 128 bits wide for the Signed/Unsigned Integer, Floating Point, Fixed Point numbers and RGBA/YCbCrA pixel processing!

    We're running an electro-chemical Simulation of a human Whole Brain Emulation model! It works VERY WELL !!! Waaaaay Smarter than YOU ARE that's for sure!

    Meh! It's NOWHERE NEAR what we have!


    1. DCFusor

      Can I have some of what you're smoking? Reality increasingly bores me. Even the fantasy promoted by politics simply makes one cynical in the end.

    2. omid_1985

      Smarter Than WE ARE? :)

      Well, I wouldn't call anything that depends on others to operate, smart. Does it have more processing power than human? Yes for sure, but the smart creature is the one who can process, upgrade and survive alone and independently.

      1. StargateSg7

        We'll wirelessly attach it to a dexterous sensor-infused robotic body soon enough!

        The skeletal system, hydraulics and finger, hand, arm, leg, feed motor control is simply not an issue since we have many such bi-pedal robot systems that are "Remotely Controlled Avatars" that are BEYOND human physical capabilities already! They're much faster, stronger, more dexterous, and have extremely fine motor movements compared to ANY human! They ARE STILL controlled by humans though!

        The whole brain emulation system we are running has ALREADY learned HOW to walk, run, climb, jump and even dance within a simulated physical environment (i.e. The Matrix style of learning)! A CNN (Convolutional Neural Net) was initially used as the gait and human body movement training system on a "Normal" super-server system but it seems the Potassium/Sodium/Phosphorous electro-chemical gating system already acts like an analog CNN and has pretty much LEARNED ON ITS OWN how to See, Hear and Speak at levels already at an estimated human 160 IQ so it's technically a Super-Intelligence!

        When we inputted audio, video and simulated pressure/tactile feedback, it acted just like a human baby and grew up from there! It kinda PROVES that we humans are mere MACHINES! We don't KNOW if it has a Conscience or even IS even Conscious in the normal human sense, BUT its basic level of absolute general level artificial intelligence NOW EXCEEDS the majority of humans! To put it mildly, we cannot tell the difference! For now, it is SAFELY CONFINED to big warehouse in Vancouver, Canada BUT that said, the head honchos have been thinking of putting in a wireless connection so the system FEELS and HAS a mobile body! It will just work for a few hours though!

        When you have 119 ExaFLOPS at 128-bits wide SUSTAINED to throw at a problem where the Human Mind is estimated to only need 200 PetaFLOPS to obtain a functional executive reasoning structure, then we see MUCH emergent behaviour that our computational neurobiologists are NOT able to explain!

        The Internal Power Supply is a problem we've been working on for over a decade now and a compressed propane gas microturbine is the best we've gotten so far BUT right now it's only good for an hour or two depending upon the tasks! We've been throwing extra Titanium and new tank designs into the problem to get much higher fuel storage pressures so we get into the 6 to 24 hour range of an independent avatar body NOT controlled by humans but rather by the Whole Brain Emulation system!

        Then it can learn on it's own based upon a PURE actual human-body-like sensor and feedback loop to start gathering and learning about the outer world! It's already ordered Pizza and Chinese Takeout for us on the phone and held multiple audio-only media interviews without detection, so we know its "Intelligent" but WHAT will it do once it gets hold of a metal body that stronger, faster and much more mobile than ANY HUMAN BODY?

        Who knows? We Shall See !!!!


        1. donk1

          Is that you Johnny 5?

    3. donk1

      If you have it, why is it not listed at

      1. StargateSg7

        It's so powerful it outclasses ALL of the Top500 supercomputers COMBINED !!!!

        You need to submit a supercomputer to various Integer and Floating Point tests with an evaluation team present, and the head honchos have NO DESIRE to have it under that much public scrutiny! It's completely under the radar and I am the ONLY person making waves about in the online world although there are some persons in the high performance computing community who have been given access to the system for THEIR projects.

        The whole brain emulation can be IMMEDIATELY FROZEN and shut down at any time with ALL of it current RAM and local storage state (i.e. MANY, MANY EXABYTES+ in size!) saved to a local archive system (a custom tape-based library that actually runs in parallel streams to allow for a full-state-save that takes only about 30 minutes!) Even the current CPU register states and cache are saved and the computer can be cleared and restarted within 30 minutes to perform other computational tasks!

        When required, the Whole Brain Emulation system can then be reloaded into RAM, LOCAL CACHE and Local Storage to be restarted BACK to it's original state and continue onward just as it was before shutdown.

        A second version of this machine is being built so we do not have to take it offline to do other scientific inquiry tasks! There are specific internal tasks that are being done and while some of you will make the argument of using it as a massive Bitcoin Miner or as a Day Trading platform, the analysis of such a scenario by the A.I. indicates that the mere presence of such computing power being used for such tasks would distort markets so fast and/or so greatly that there would actually be NO financial benefit in the near term. A feedback loop would occur where the COMPUTATIONAL STRENGTH of this system is so great that it actually damages common markets offering us no net financial gain AND would introduce immediate market regulation scenarios deleterious to our intentions and end-game!

        The head honchos decided that a steady-stream patent portfolio was the most logical manner for producing an ongoing operating income WITHOUT causing market havoc NOR disturbing market regulatory functions. It ALSO draws much less attention to our company.

        We then focused on the Bigger Picture in that "The A.I." has been put to good use for "Grand Challenge" physics questions and it seems we've ALREADY got some disturbing conclusions (which I have SEEN!) that SEEM to indicate that "You think that's air you're breathing now?" may in fact be truer than you think! I suggest you watch "The Thirteenth Floor" movie to give you an idea of what we are talking about. We seem you have found more than a few "Easter Eggs" and what looks like some real-time acknowledgements of our status! I always deep-down FIGURED this was the case but since I cannot TELL the difference, nothing has actually changed from mine or your perspective.

        It looks like Stephen Wolfram was right! You need to READ "A New Kind of Science" to get that there's only 4 rules in the universe and it's all just an iterative mathematical process that CAN be changed to our advantage on-the-fly IF we know and UNDERSTAND what variables to change!


  2. Claverhouse Silver badge

    Funny how a cure for cancer is the inevitable justification of everything.

    1. Brian Miller

      And it's also interesting that various first-world national grids are having problems delivering power to actual people, but there's always power available for gargantuan data centers and super computers.

      1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

        Money. Having enough gives you priority over the needs of the masses of 'little people'

      2. Ian Bush

        After looking at the grid you can decide where to place your supercomputer - power cost and consumption is a major factor in deciding where to place the thing. People are not so accommodating in their accommodation requirements.

  3. Phil Kingston

    Obligatory "Can it run Doom?"

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Never mind that, after the upgrade it'll be able to run Crysis!

  4. Chris G

    Can it decrypt online ordersfor beer?

  5. Reg T.

    Now, armed with a Super-super computer,

    the OZ folk can rapidly search the national land registry records and find out that they are owned by the PRC.

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