back to article Facebook, Microsoft, Google among tender, caring tech giants on UK internet safety board

The orgs that will sit on the executive board of the new UK Council for Internet Safety (UKCIS) have been named. The board is jointly chaired by three government ministers: Margot James, Minister for Digital and Creative Industries; Nadhim Zahawi, Minister for Children and Families; and Victoria Atkins, Minister for Crime, …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Google who are currently being sued in America for alledgedly tampering with the 2020 election?

  2. deive

    Nothing like giving wolfs the keys to the henhouse :-)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Maybe the wolves will scare the foxes away

    2. nematoad Silver badge


      Wolves! not wolfs.

  3. Stubblet

    You have a quango, you have a quango, everyone gets a quango

    Apart form the relevant minister not a single elected person among the self-appointed quango fest that is essentially a front for big internet lobby groups.

    So that's going to deliver a change in thinking from everything else we have seen before.

    1. Jellied Eel Silver badge

      Re: You have a quango, you have a quango, everyone gets a quango

      Apart form the relevant minister not a single elected person among the self-appointed quango fest that is essentially a front for big internet lobby groups.

      Surely you jest? Ok, so Nick Clegg is no longer an elected person, but is a VP at Facebook. So there will be highly experienced and ethical policymakers in this new quango. But such is politics. There's only so many uses for a slightly used politician.

      The theory goes these quangos are 'expert' panels formed to provide the bestest and most impartial advice to government. The reality is of course somewhat different, and any public servant thinking of moving across to 'Big Data' for a Clegg-sized payrise will need to speak and act accordingly.

    2. Roj Blake

      Re: You have a quango, you have a quango, everyone gets a quango

      There's now even a quango for Latin-American dancing and orange-flavoured fizzy drinks.

      It's the Tango Quango.

  4. terrythetech

    "Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter..."

    Hopefully (!) they will be there to just listen and not for lobbying...

    What am I saying!!!!!!

    1. macjules Silver badge

      Well you do have the Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability. Perhaps a more apt title should be "Minister for Crime, Apple, Google and Facebook"

      1. OssianScotland Silver badge

        Minister for Crime

        Something pTerry wrote about Organised Crime comes to mind....

  5. NATTtrash Silver badge

    From the Online Harms White Paper PDF

    Page38 -

    There are similarities in the approach taken to the framework proposed in this White Paper – as currently drafted it looks to take a proportionate approach to setting requirements, introduce duties of care on companies, and implementing a transparency framework. [...] The Commission collaborated with companies including Facebook, Google and Twitter to produce a code of practice against disinformation. This resulted in commitments to improve the transparency of political advertising, prevent the misuse of automated bots and to invest in tools to amplify diverse perspectives. The UK government has previously indicated its support for the measures and will continue to collaborate internationally on this issue.

    2.17 The government is working closely with international partners as we develop our own approach that reflects our shared values and commitment to a free, open and secure internet.

    Page 68 -

    Hate crime: Fulfilling the duty of care

    7.19 Some of the areas we expect the regulator to include in a code of practice are:

    • Guidance to companies to outline what activity and material constitutes hateful content, including that which is a hate crime, or where not necessarily illegal, content that may directly or indirectly cause harm to other users – for example, in some cases of bullying, or offensive material.

    Huh? What? Oh, hi Donald™. No, no worries. That pesky ambassador is gone. So how is it hanging? Grabbed any pussy lately? Yeah, we know, but no worries, we agree with you that they will go back sometime soon. No, no, no, Robinson is not his real name. ... ... BTW, ermm, hate to bring this up, but about that deal we mentioned before...

  6. tiggity Silver badge

    Internet safety

    There was me thinking "internet safety" would include doing something about the huge swathes of malware that crims try to deploy via the massively broken ad serving system.

    I don't see fake news, hate speech .. but I am not a consumer of twatter, faecebook etc. So only "danger" I am exposed to is potential chance of malware

    .. Unless you count the occasional email from a mate calling me a "ginger cunt" (or some other banter insult) and my response would be include something similar (based on some aspect of them - I suppose in current climate there will soon be auto mail filters logging that as hate speech rather than realising its friends with puerile sense of humour. FFS, 2 of my friends (one Jewish heritage, one Asian heritage) always address each other as "Yid" & "Wog" in public (never mind online) -(reclaiming words used as insults, mutually affirming their shared experiences of racial abuse from others) - that sort of thing would send the filters haywire

    1. Jellied Eel Silver badge

      Re: Internet safety

      I don't see fake news, hate speech .. but I am not a consumer of twatter, faecebook etc. So only "danger" I am exposed to is potential chance of malware

      I'm sure you do, but this is simply back to the good'ol print days where TPTB had more control over the official misinformation you're allowed to see. So anything bad will continue to be Russia/China/Iran's fault. Or there's more subtle 'fake news', eg-

      "We are really pleased that our careful recording of the weather, something that we've been doing every day for over 100 years at the Botanic Garden,"

      And being Cambridge, the gardens are precisely the same as they were 100 years ago, when the Sainsbury Laboratory was first constructed. But clear evidence as to how urbanisation can affect thermometer readings. More subtle is the previous Faversham 'record'-

      'Accepted' by the Met Office as a record, rejected by their peers. Fake news is just another name for propaganda, which is your basic pysops used to advance whatever political, social or economic agenda you have. The MSM does it, but generally the agendas are clear(is) given traditional left/right biases.

  7. nematoad Silver badge

    Maybe not.

    I'll tell you one thing.

    Margot James may well not be on the board having just resigned as a minister in protest against Trump mini-me Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson.

    1. Zimmer

      Re: Maybe not.

      If it comes with a salary or fee, I expect she'll still be there.... think of the children !

  8. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    UKCIS will "contribute to the Government's commitment to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online, and will help to inform the development of the forthcoming Online Harms White Paper".

    That dooms it for a start. Has anyone ever seen this sort of hubris-laden statement ever come good?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oxymorons rule OK!

    Google, FaceBook and Microsoft should be barred from every contact with the government for the next 10 years OR until they pay the proper amount of taxes. Not the piddling amount of dosh they currently pay via double dutch and licensing arrangements.

    Then the should be banned forever with having anything to do with Internet Safety especially FartBook.

  10. SVV Silver badge

    Conservative party Facebook ad spending

    the Conservative party spent £4,003 on 27 July, the most recent date for which data is available, and £13,487 during the previous week.

    Apparently they're all "Boris is wonderful" type ads. So much for codes of practice against disinformation.

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