back to article Don't press the red b-... Windows Insiders' rings hit by surprise Microsoft emission

Someone at Microsoft has accidentally parked a buttock on the big red button, emitting a surprise build of next year's Windows 10 to Insiders. We saw the build, 18947, turn up over lunch where we didn't expect it and a glance at social media indicated that we weren't the only ones choking on a burrito in surprise. Build 18947 …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "lacking even the internal testing run by Microsoft"

    Right, well, given the current quality of Microsoft internal testing I'm not sure they're worse off.

    After all, it's the users that do the testing these days. They're just going to be testing a bit earlier than planned.

    Ah, Microsoft Quality. Not only do they not test, they don't even control what they're publishing any more.

    The future is looking good . . for Linux.

  2. LeahroyNake

    Through the wringer.

    Ring-a-ring o' roses,

    A pocket full of posies,

    A-tishoo! A-tishoo!

    We all fall down.

    Wringer : one that wrings: such as

    a : a machine or device for pressing out liquid or moisture a clothes wringer

    b : something that causes pain, hardship, or exertion

    c : Microsoft updates

  3. Claptrap314 Silver badge

    I almost feel guilty

    bothering to post this, but just to be clear: in any vaguely sane shop, this sort of screwup would be almost impossible to achieve.

    The level of irresponsibility demonstrated by u$ never ceases to amaze.

  4. Jeroen Braamhaar
    Big Brother

    I think holding off on Win10 until it's stable and properly tested was a stellar choice.

    1. Tromos

      If, by 'stable', you mean full of horse-shit, I think it's nearly there.

      1. Jeroen Braamhaar

        no, it'd have to be full of bullshit, and not even Microsoft can approach Augean levels of that.

        Even though they do try.

    2. ma1010

      If somebody offers you Windows X

      Just say "No."

    3. JimmyPage

      RE: holding off on Win10

      Except you're not, are you ? There's no such beast as "Windows 10" - or indeed "Windows <anything>" anymore.

      It's just Windows. Delivered as a service and updated to whatever, whenever Microsoft see fit. You can delay installation. Until you fall too many iterations behind - at which point you're not covered by patches and security fixes.

      Welcome to the new world.

  5. Stevie


    So which GIT commands would have to be issued to commit this faux pas?

    1. fidodogbreath Silver badge

      Re: Bah!

      git --fscked

  6. Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge

    The important question . . .

    . . . what kind of burrito were you choking on? Hopefully either El Farolito or La Taqueria. If it was Chipotle, rethink your life choices.

    Right, mine's the one with the urban food log in one pocket and several containers of green salsa in the other.

  7. Geoffrey W

    The good news, or bad news - depending on your outlook (no pun intended) - is that the start menu may have been re-designed! Engadget has a story that calls it Hideous! I can't get beyond a short summary and a single photo of it, which I do not much like. For some reason Firefox will not let engadget pages load and I'm not bothered enough to work out why or use another browser. Perhaps someone else can have better luck.

    Anyway...good news for Microsoft nemesises...possibly something new to whinge about!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      And this is why...

      I never trust GUI designers or marketers when they say something is "better" in any fashion (easier/cleaner/etc).

      Because 5 mins later, they redesign it again, or revert back to older designs. If it was so good, why change it? I don't see cars changing from 2 rows of wheels to 3 or 4, or having wheels on the roof just in case, or wheels that retract when you are going over 50... It just has 2 rows of wheels, and usually 2 axles unless a massive vehicle.

      But GUI? GUI? Is there 2 versions of iOS or Android that don't have entire design ethos reversals let alone switchups?

    2. David Austin

      That's a brave UI Designer....

      Clearly didn't have a chance to talk to their predecessor about how well the Windows 8.x Start menu redesign went...

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hey Microsoft, don't break my shit, bros!

    1. DJV Silver badge

      They are definitely not your or anyone's "bros", and "breaking shit" is probably a standard clause in their developers' job descriptions, whose arses (asses for leftpondians) are covered by the EULA that no one ever reads.

    2. the Jim bloke Silver badge

      Microsoft shit is about the only thing they have that runs reliably

      I'll just leave you with that image

  9. Kobus Botes

    Plasma 5 on KDE anyone?

    So... Somewhat like the Application Dashboard in Plasma5 on KDE, then? Except very badly implemented/thought out. Plus you have to scroll down a long, unsorted list to find anything. Really? (OK - I am being facetious here; they will probably structure it a bit more sane once they have fleshed it out a bit more).

    And you also do not have a choice in whether you want to use it or not Whereas Mageia7 comes with three choices out of the box, plus there are at least thirteen others you can install/play with/test, should you so wish.

    Not that it concerns me, really. It is only my SO's machine that I will have to worry about/sort out once the change is let loose upon the world at large.

    1. DJV Silver badge

      "they will probably structure it a bit more sane once they have fleshed it out a bit more"

      Ha ha! No, this is Microsoft we're talking about here!

    2. BleedinObvious

      Re: Plasma 5 on KDE anyone?

      > And you also do not have a choice in whether you want to use it or not

      Yes you do. The menu includes a switch between tiled and classic. It's demonstrated in the Engadget video.

  10. gnarlymarley

    lacking even the internal testing run by Microsoft

    Microsoft has a internal test team? And to think after three decades, I was think the test team was the population of the world.

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