back to article Ex-NASA Mars InSight contractor sets legal eagles on JPL over whistleblower sacking

The former Mars InSight Lander engineer who won $1.5m from his employer after it sacked him for whistleblowing is now suing NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab for its part in his professional downfall. David Lillie, a Californian who previously worked for NASA contractor Mantech, proved in American federal court that his employer was …

  1. Reg Reader 1

    As children we are taught to do the right thing

    and this is where it gets us, especially when there's money on the table. Bravo to this engineer.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: As children we are taught to do the right thing

      Absolutely. It takes guts to stand up to your employer and say "this is wrong". He did, got fired as a result and got mistreated by JPL.

      Shame on the person who decided to do that.

      1. Fatman

        Re: As children we are taught to do the right thing

        <quote>Shame on the person who decided to do that.</quote>

        It is probably some brain dead, bone headed Mangler, since promoted to a higher position in the `Ivory Towers`.

  2. Cynicalmark

    Isn’t the first time NASA JPL screwed the pooch

    Looks like the over bloated organisation is about to get its support severely restricted by Lockheed and other sensitive fileholders. It’s not enough that they get hacked by pie, now the incompetence of their manglement may result in a large number of promotions to remote stations.

    Come on guys. We all know NASA and JPL are crap at managing money so is it a surprise? Nope not can’t wait for the first space force out of USA with great cool gadgets and shite rockets as they can no longer copy everyone else’s homework....

    1. The IT Ghost

      Re: Isn’t the first time NASA JPL screwed the pooch

      Fortunately, JPL doesn't design or build the rockets. They build and operate the payloads (rovers, bits that orbit and crash into other planets (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not)) but the rockets are still designed and built by others, like Boeing/Orbital Space Alliance (Atlas, Delta), OSC (Minotaur, Antares) and even SpaceX (Falcon, Falcon Heavy).

  3. Nunyabiznes


    Someone caught with hand in cookie jar blames person reporting it.

    A signifcant percentage of humans suck. (including me, on occasion!)

  4. Exposefraud

    No accountability

    JPL will settle out of court, and once again, they will not be held accountable for their misdeeds.

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