back to article Rackspace cloudy 'mix and match' stacks now available for EMEA mortals

Bit barn landlord Rackspace is hoping Euro users will opt to inhale its managed public cloud via subscription packages called Service Blocks. The service, launched in the US in October 2018, is now being rolled out in the EMEA region. It's basically a create-your-own-stack service where users can pick from a combination of …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "It's basically a create-your-own-stack service" . . .

    . . which is subject to US court subpoenas and NSA surveillance.

    No thank you, I am not giving my data to any US company voluntarily.

    1. Jove Bronze badge

      Re: "It's basically a create-your-own-stack service" . . .

      ... except that if you are in the market for such services, it is unlikely to be your data that you are seeking services for.

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