back to article Amazon brings serverless pie to Visual Studio Code party

Amazon emitted the AWS toolkit for Microsoft's Visual Studio Code yesterday in an effort to nudge developers keen on the open-source editor toward its cloud. VS Code has been a tremendous success for Microsoft as the company has attempted to soften its previously prickly image with developers. The editor often tops lists of …

  1. Michael Hoffmann

    Microsoft vs Jetbrains

    Last year the AWS Toolkit was announced with much fanfare at re:invent (during the big keynote, no less). It was announced for the Jetbrains suite who had a booth and were exuding smug all over.

    It came out for Visual Studio Code quite a bit later.

    Since then, the VSC version works beautifully, whereas the Jetbrains version seems to be the mentally unstable red-headed stepchild. Getting worse all the time, with bug fixes apparently every ice age or so. Jetbrains simply go "not our problem, bother Amazon", even when the *same version* of AWS TK works in one Pycharm release and starts throwing exceptions left, right and centre in the next.

    While the VSC version just plugs along.

    Starting to wonder why I'm paying for a Jetbrains subscription - looks like I can increasingly get the same thing for free by switching to Code.

    1. GidaBrasti

      Re: Microsoft vs Jetbrains

      So I suppose that you're fine with that?

      Of course you may argue that Apple and every Android phone does the same as does Win10 so what's wrong with another probe. Right?

      1. RudderLessIT

        Re: Microsoft vs Jetbrains

        So I followed the link at the first paragraph explains to me what I am about to read about ("Visual Studio Code collects telemetry data, which is used to...") and the very next paragraph explains how to disable it.

        1. GidaBrasti

          Re: Microsoft vs Jetbrains

          In the same way that Win10 telemetry can(not) be disabled?

          Or be re-enabled in the next VSCode upgrade or maybe this upgrade has the "disable" feature mistakenly disabled?

          OTOH one can use VSCodium I suppose. Although I've never tried it.

        2. Dan 55 Silver badge

          Re: Microsoft vs Jetbrains

          I'd go for VSCodium which doesn't have any telemetry in the build so it can't be 'accidentally' turned on.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    VS Code, Great, in theory

    VS Code can't handle Azure Functions (without pain) but maybe AWS can teach MS.Azure how to support AWS Lamda...and Azure Functions too, with real acurate install docs. Azure Function C# support for VS Code is and endless task, jumping between incomplete docs. Like Eclipse/Android support was 15 years ago. That chased away thousands of new Android devs. Please MS more QA and QC. Open Source doesn't mean, skip writing basic docs, because some unicorn will get to it someday.

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