W[ho]TF is Github_Debbie?

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  1. robert_swift

    W[ho]TF is Github_Debbie?

    I feel like I've been subject to some bullshit-sleight-of-hand by LinkedIn, seems that on Sunday the 19th of May I "submitted basic profile information about yourself to GitHub_Debbie"... At least that's according to LinkedIn and their "How LinkedIn Uses Your Data" section...

    I don't recall any interactions with LinkedIn, Microsoft, GitHub and definitely not GitHub_Debbie (or any Debbie, GitHubby or otherwise) on the Sunday in question!? A quick check of my mail doesn't reveal anything on or around then either... Seems that Microsoft are applying their "partner" status to use my LinkedIn details to originate messages from marketing@github.com to me (on a unique-to-LinkedIn mail address), with employment data from LinkedIn in the mail...

    FFS... Now I've got to figure out which levers to pull in order to prevent my details from being used, why can't life be simple?!

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