back to article Red Hat signs off last set of numbers before it is likely gobbled by IBM

With the EU tipped to approve IBM's $34bn slurp of Red Hat next week, the open-source software house started Q1 of fiscal '20 with double-digit hikes in sales and profit, though its top line fell short of analyst estimates. The US regulatory authorities have already given Red Hat the thumbs-up to be consumed by something Big …

  1. alain williams Silver badge

    Why is approval from China needed ?

    and what happens if China says 'no' as part of the trade war with the USA ?

    1. Claptrap314 Silver badge

      Re: Why is approval from China needed ?

      Then IBM will have to either call off the merge or quit selling rope to the Chinese.

  2. IGnatius T Foobar !

    Pink Slip Linux

    Red Hat seems blissfully unaware that India Business Machines is just going to shutter most of the Raleigh operation and ship the jobs offshore. I spoke with some of our reps and they seem to think that it's Red Hat who will change the culture of IBM, not the other way around. I'd love it if that were true, but somehow I doubt it.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Pink Slip Linux

      RedHat have just rolled out a large subscription price hike and the majority of users just paid it.

      That's the kind of customers IBM likes. Normally IBM gets a software company once it's past it's peak rather than at or approaching it's peak.

      I doubt IBM will look to kill the golden goose quickly. I'd be surprised if we see any noticeable IBM splash screens and logos before RHEL9.

      Will RedHat change IBM's culture? That depends on what you think IBM's culture is. If you expect the culture to be accountants that are more resistant than MRSA then at least you're a realist...

      1. anoncow

        Re: Pink Slip Linux

        Will RedHat change IBM's culture? That's funny. Very funny. Can hardly hold myself back from spitting in my keyboard. Any more good ones?

    2. anoncow

      Re: Pink Slip Linux

      I'm totally ok with Redhat getting sliced, diced and ground to bits in the proverbial IBM meat grinder. And sow their fields to salt while at it. After all, they gave us Ggnnnnome and Sssystemd (insert Sytherin sounds here) Oh, and RPM... and the ultimate evil: -> Rpmbuild <-!!!

      Red Hat can just shrivel and die and the Linux ecosystem will just get out from underneath its cold dead thumb and grow faster than ever before. A pox upon Redhat and a pox upon Redhat's smarmy salesmen who think that copying Linux is stealing from Redhat.

    3. fredesmite

      Re: Pink Slip Linux

      India Business Machine -- I like it

      IBM just sold off Lotus notes BugFix , and a dozen other products for 1.8B to HCL ; Those product gross revenue is around $55B ; All those 2200 jobs are primary in India now with the rest heading there.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Watch RH going into the sunset.

    Are they going to rename it to Blue Hat ?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Watch RH going into the sunset.

      Ginnie's Blue Bonnet?

  4. Adrian 4 Silver badge

    Will they assimilate Poettering before he creates any more shit ?

  5. Claverhouse Silver badge

    And then Peru, Nigeria and New Zealand must sign off on the deal...

  6. Twanky

    So will the next...

    ...court case be IBM suing RH for fraudulently over-inflating it's figures? They don't sell RH pre-installed on Dell kit do they?

  7. fredesmite

    The blood letting will be yuge

    So Sad

  8. Jove Bronze badge

    Deal closed ...

    IBM closes $34 billion deal to buy Red Hat

    - 2019-07-09

    From now on all that money goes to Big Blue.

    Expect license cost increases to follow, and eventually the elimination of the parts of RedHat that do not fit with the long term plans or meet the IBM revenue targets.

    So long, it was great while it lasted.

  9. Jove Bronze badge

    IBM's total contribution to Linux Kernel ...

    ... almost on a par with the independent volunteers.

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