back to article NetApp wraps Elements HCI and Google Cloud Platform in Data Fabric

NetApp has wrapped up Elements HCI and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) into its Data Fabric en route to building a hybrid multi-cloud orchestration or operating system. Data Fabric is an IT consumption-based, cloud-style service running in local and remote data centres, be they in the customer's organisation or operated in a …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Multi cloud/hybrid cloud FTW

    Yes, Nutanix has something similar but just like a lot of Nutanix technology, it is isolated or not complete. As far as I know NetApp is the only vendor with a open multicloud K8S solution that works with their HW but also supports the 3 major hyper scalers. If you want to reel in shadow IT, you have to offer them choices and an experience that is the same they can get from the cloud they prefer. NetApp does just this and will have a huge Dev Ops advantage. The Data Fabric is finally real and no other vendor has anything like it.

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