back to article Kubernetes goes in for nip and tuck, comes out with 25 'enhancements': We take a look at v1.15

A new release of Kubernetes, version 1.15, today went live with 25 enhancements including support for go modules in Kubernetes Core, a new Events API in alpha and High Availability (HA) improvements. There is a handy Enhancement Tracking spreadsheet here where you can observe that two features, support for Go modules in …

  1. Starace

    OK within its limits

    It's actually pretty reasonable to use if you just look at it from the user side as a way of running and managing your containers.

    Get too far into trying to actually manage Kubernetes itself and messing with deploying the platform and it's a world of pain. Much easier to just pay someone to provide it than to DIY.

    Biggest problem with most of these projects - Docker, K8S, OpenStack, Puppet - is that people writing & managing them get distracted by the shiny so you end up with some fancy features but lots of its barely alpha grade and deployment, management and maintenance are an afterthought if that. From that POV you could put them on the level of student project toys.

    1. justAnITGuy

      Re: OK within its limits

      "From that POV you could put them on the level of student project toys."

      Quite often how the stuff becomes Production in businesses these days.

  2. Zed Zee

    The problem with K8s...

    "The downside is that it is easy to get it wrong."

    Sounds a bit like the 'platform for platforms' before it...OpenStack.

  3. fredesmite

    Remember -- Kubernetes is just another

    CLOUD object - on SOMEONE ELSE's Computer

    Subject to the same lame ass fuck-ups that the cloud offers

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

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