back to article Nvidia 'brings CUDA to Arm' – Translation: We're still doing a thing we've already done but now doing more of it

"Nvidia brings CUDA to Arm," the graphics chip giant announced with a straight face on Monday, specifically, "its support for Arm CPUs." What's curiously omitted from today's marketing blurb, though, is any concrete reference to Nvidia's existing support for CUDA and, er, Arm. Anyone who has used one of, say, Nvidia's …

  1. Sssss

    Of course does the writer knows they are getting ready for a transition to high performance ARM systems?

    A controller RISC-V core was put onto Nvidia GPU's years ago. I hope they can replace arm in their current chips with RISC-V.

    Years ago I asked them to do a 1kw home super computer using up to 80 or so of their ARM chips with cuda support, that's 640 arms with an array of cuda cores. But I didn't hear anything back, maybe they have something better planned? Still, doing a stripped down computational version of their chips, with a few full chips for interfacing, could raise that to 1000 or less Arms with vast cuda array and a vast VR world computer server, feeding up to 100 people. I guess their busy doing something to advance their place in gaming. Put 10 of these together you might just handle 1000 people, enough for gamers in a small city to stream to VR games.

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