back to article You'll always need VMs says, surprise, VMware: Run on any cloud you like and get portability

VMWare's Rajiv Ramaswami, Cloud Services COO, has told investors that VMs (virtual machines) are here to stay, even as container-based applications grow in popularity. Well, he would, wouldn't he. Analysts questioning Ramaswami at a conference organised by investment banking firm Stifel were speculating that the portability of …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "the industry is sufficiently wedded to VMware technology"

    Yes it is, so much so that declaring that VMware is here to stay is not only superfluous, it borders on pandering to the ego of the CEO.

    There isn't a single IT department that doesn't use VMs. Heck, even small companies can use it - I know the company I worked for before does, and we were a 3-person shop at the time. Okay, it helped that my associate was a network administrator, but still.

    So yeah, VMware has a long and bright future ahead of it. I think we all know that but hey, a successful CEO has the right to stroke himself the right way every now and then, doesn't he ?

    1. MrBoring

      Re: "the industry is sufficiently wedded to VMware technology"

      Not long and bright future. A greenfield or new business wouldn't choose VMware now. Vmware on public cloud is a stop gap for enterprises who want to go cloud for the mobility and easy management, but don't have the time or people to do a proper migration. VMC on AWS isn't a long term solution for many, it just gives them breathing space.

    2. R3sistance

      Re: "the industry is sufficiently wedded to VMware technology"

      I'd say VMWare's future is very bleak, the only prospect it has for remaining around right now is that many companies are slow to move but there are many alternatives to ESXi that are around as good but cheaper for private cloud VMs.

      For Public Cloud, the most major providers do not generally use ESXi, why would they? It is just an unnecessary cost in their architecture. Then there is Containers which are becoming more and more mature, while they do not yet replace out all use-cases of VMs, they are getting there and are vastly more efficient with a significantly lower footprint than a VM.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You'll always need VMs

    Yeah but everyone's moving to Hyper-V?

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: You'll always need VMs

      VMWare out?

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. stiine Silver badge

      Re: You'll always need VMs

      Why would I pay for Hyper-V if I'm exclusively running Linux VMs?

      1. David Bond

        Re: You'll always need VMs

        Agree, why would you, especially when hyper-v is free.

      2. katrinab Silver badge

        Re: You'll always need VMs

        Hyper-V is free even if you don’t pay for Windows licences. Linux-based virtualisation solutions are also free and might be a better option in this use case.

  3. m0rt

    Just a thought, can you get all "Inception" using virtuals? Just wondered if anyone had tried. *

    *What am I saying! This is a world full of people who will press the button that says "DO NOT PRESS" so this is bound to have happened.

  4. Terafirma-NZ

    VMware: Were a really innovative company, our future is built on the fact people have legacy systems and they take a long time to move.

    Sounds to me like a stubborn idiot.

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