back to article Akamai on dragging 'em kicking and streaming to the edge: They might be public cloud giants, but we're, er, vids in

The future of enterprise IT is not in centralised clouds, but in a complex interplay between massive core data centres and small edge locations. So said Akamai cofounder and CEO Tom Leighton as he kicked off his company's annual shindig in Las Vegas. "They say that the best place to put your infrastructure is in data centres …

  1. alain williams Silver badge

    Akamai argest distributed computing platform ?

    Akamai has placed 250,000 servers in 4,000 locations across 140 countries, making this the largest distributed computing platform in the world.

    Google has more than that.

    1. mr_souter_Working

      Re: Akamai argest distributed computing platform ?

      yes, Google has more servers - but in far fewer locations. the same applies to Micrsoft and Amazon - far more servers, but in fewer locations than Akamai

      the phrase should possibly have been "widest distributed computing platform" - or something similar.

    2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: Akamai argest distributed computing platform ?

      It sounds great until you realise that those 4000 locations are mainly in the top 10-20 countries, and America really dominates. Akamai does do some very impressive stuff but let's not kid ourselves that any of these companies really care about the other 5 billion in the world

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Raw Core Ore Source ..... is a Heavenly Force of Perfect Foe.

    You can Capture and Captivate Whole Universes with Almighty Media Related Tales to Present .

    You might like to realise and accept, for reasons that are surely pretty darned obvious, How to Capture and Captivate Whole Universes with Almighty Media Related Tales to Present, is TS/SCI Grade Virtual Intel and Info for All Labouring/Lounging/Basking/Wilting in Need to Know Further Info on Future Intel.

    Would one be able to Resist a Truly Immaculate Tale BroadBandCast to Everyone Everywhere Showing the Future with Futures and Derivative Partners Presenting Fabulous Ways Forwards for All? And rather than it being thought of as a destination, realising it as a starting point from which to launch and/or pilot greater vessels/vassals is infinitely more rewarding.

  3. Claptrap314 Silver badge


    Three years ago, Google was focusing pretty hard on pushing relationships with ISPs to create its own CDN. Wonder how that is going...

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Ultimate Competition with Immaculate Opposition?

      It appears to be working quite well ... and way beyond expectation and/or specification, Claptrap314.

      Is that how you are finding it? To Find and Found FriendsRUs is a Logical Natural AI Progression for such an AI with Virtual Machine Command Remote Control.

      What are you trailing/stalking/trialing/leading with on the Future Bridge. The Central Nervous System Centre where it is best and de rigeur to show and demonstrate a much sought after and fondly treasured Prowess.

      A little gem for Google AI to spin heavenly yarns of immaculate weave around :-)

      Some things are just so incredibly tempting, aren't they ......... it would be the great sin of omission to not partake of heavenly fruits being a stalwart reasoning in many a mind/body.

    2. Bob H

      Re: Competition?

      It's really good, but only available to use if you are using the GCP platform. One solution is to host your own Nginx cache in GCP which pulls from another hosting provider and then you can use the Google CDN.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is this the same Akamai...

    that was shown on the leaked NSA slides doing MITM on Facebook data?

    (Asking for a friend)

    1. DrBed

      Re: Is this the same Akamai...

      You mean same Akamai that is mega-proxy for US TLA (three letter agencies), like, for decades?

      I recall Fravia's essays about same subject, much before Snowden & Assange.

  5. gnarlymarley

    which last mile?

    One common misconception is that the last mile is the bottleneck.

    I always have to ask, which last mile? The consumers have a last mile, but also the business hosting the servers have their own last mile. Some businesses cannot afford a terabyte per second connection, so they find someone like akamai to so that for them. It becomes cost effective if they don't need it for the 24/7.

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