back to article Captec saps tech from Aleutia to put its tiny PCs back to work

British industrial computing specialist Captec has acquired the assets and intellectual property of London-based Aleutia – a maker of tiny, fanless PCs that's been quietly sinking into obscurity. Captec will rework the designs, originally created for the education sector, and adapt them for hard work in factories and hospitals …

  1. dajames

    Nice looking machines

    Shame I'd never heard of them before today.

    I can't help feeling they'd have been more successful if they'd been better known. Giving away review machines to a few of the usual print magazines and resources like El Reg might have helped.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Nice looking machines

      These sort of machines aren't bought by regular users, in fact dealing with enquiries from ordinary users who want to buy 1 rather than 1000 is a big cost.

      The are ussually covered in buyers guides for industrial PCs

  2. ElReg!comments!Pierre

    I'm glad I never heard of them, I'd certainly bought a couple for roles that I now devoted to Raspis with great success.

    Nice little machines for sure.

  3. fnusnu

    If only they came with 2 ethernet ports and could be run as a home firewall

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Multiple ethernet ports

      Check Amazon, there's a lot of options in this space (2-8 networks ports, wifi, range of CPU's/memory/storage).

    2. doublelayer Silver badge

      There are a lot of options for small computers. Depending on how much power and I/O is required, you have everything from a raspberry pi up to a NUC or the like. These people still seem to be around, and their machines have various features like multiple network ports and lots of expandability that might be useful. There are a lot of small Intel Atom-based computers modeled off the Intel Compute Stick as well, as long as a tiny Atom SOC will serve your purposes (usually, it will not be enough or a raspberry pi will be better value). The past few years have given us a lot of very nice options when form factor is an important issue.

    3. Griffo

      Talk About an Own Goal

      Lots of options in that space

      These run pfsense or similar with ease. I'm pushing 100mbit over an Opensec VPN with the CPU barely moving. My internet connection is the limit.

  4. OliP

    Not the first, sadly.

    I used to buy similarly small, fanless machines from Logic Supply - with 3x Ethernet Ports in for home / smb firewalls - they keep eol'ing them.

    these wouldve been great - but they never came up in a google search when looking for small form factor pcs - i wonder why? they seem to have been in business when i was looking.

    More cheap fanless PCs please!

  5. GruntyMcPugh

    (pronounced al-oo-sha)

    I don't know why, but it irks me when companies pick an obscure ish name, then tell you how to pronounce it. I don't know if Aleutia did this, or it's ElReg lending a helping hand, so I'll give Ale You Tee Ah the benefit of doubt this time.

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