back to article Cloudera CEO quits as customers delay orders due to uncertainty after Hortonworks merger

Fiscal '20 hasn't started well for Cloudera as enterprise customers paused spending due to roadmap uncertainty over the Hortonworks merger and held off for the coming of the Cloud Data Platform (CDP). Oh, and CEO Tom Reilly has quit just months after getting the job at the expanded organ. He is set to stand down on 31 July …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Meanwhile Looker gets acquired for over $2B. Strange days.

    1. Ian Michael Gumby

      @AC Re: Looker

      Different market... lots of hype and its a unicorn.

      Google has deep pockets.

      Many here think of Hadoop as old tech and have moved on to the next new thing.

      But what many don't understand is that if you want to do fake 'AI' aka ML, you need to have a data lake to store your information. Too many so called 'expurts' [sic] don't really see the big picture or understand it.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Its interesting...

    First the merger between HDP and Cloudera didn't make any sense.

    Cloudera, while public still has a lot of investment dollars from Intel.

    HDP had a seriously flawed business model.

    The timing of Reilly's departure is an indication of the Enterprise customer being courted by the cloud vendors... (AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Oracle) The mantra is that CEOs should be asking their CIOs what their Cloud strategy is... and if they don't have one.. they should fire the CIO. This is causing many customers to rush to the cloud not doing proper due diligence.

    This is causing the slow down, not to mention that there is a high failure rate of Big Data related projects.

    There's a lot of work that has to occur that doesn't get the proper scrutiny along with the fact that many of the hired guns are not properly trained or are capable of delivery. So customers are still hurting from that. Don't get me wrong, some companies that hire good staff, invest in their people and have had their expectations level set... they do succeed. Unfortunately they are in the minority.

    Companies that are now thinking that the data is the new gold... need to realize that there is both a technological shift and cultural shift that has to occur.

    These are the things that need to be recognized.

    Also there's a brain drain... people who were part of Cloudera's early years and growth have cashed out. In the Big Data space, the sales & marketing teams are not up to the task. Big Data is complex and it takes a certain team of sales rep and SE to be able to sell the stack. This is true of Cloudera/HDP and MapR.

    There's more that I could say... having been around these companies for too many years... and thus posting Anon for the obvious reasons.

    Now I have to spend time talking w my customers and explain why they don't need to panic just yet.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Cloudera's stack is flaky

    ...maybe that's (part of) the reason?

    Admittedly, it could be our implementation that's at fault, can't really tell. But the paid support doesn't seem to give you much in the way of smooth operation.

  4. fredesmite

    He took his golden parachute and ball

    And went to retirement land

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