back to article Thrown Huawei: Chinese leviathan's subsea cable biz to be flogged off

Huawei is reportedly flogging off part of its undersea telecoms cable business, barely six weeks after Australia blocked its attempts to win a major cable contract. A Chinese cable manufacturer, Hengtong Optic-Electric Co Ltd, is set to acquire a 51 per cent stake in Huawei Marine Systems Co Ltd, according to reports from the …

  1. Blockchain commentard

    Maybe naive, but surely the US paranoia is about the Chinese govt spying on the west, not just via Huawei. Just because Huawei will sell their cable business to another Chinese firm surely doesn't mean that the Chinese gov't doesn't 'control' them as well?

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      spot on

      but the new company does not have the same attraction that Huawei does to the Red-top press.

      "Do it My Way and not Huawei" really takes some beating.

    2. Will Godfrey Silver badge

      Maybe the numpties have become so obsessed with Huawei that they are quite unable to see the wider picture.

      1. big_D Silver badge

        Exactly, if they are that worried, they should be banning all equipment made in China, like, oh, I don't know, Amazon kit, Apple kit, Google kit, Cisco and HP kit? The sub-contractors finishing the kit are under the same obligations as Huawei.

        But, there again, the problem is more that the US can't install their own brand of spyware on the kit, before it is delivered to its enemies allies.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Neither America nor its vassal state Australia are at all friendly with Huawei...


  3. big_D Silver badge

    Pot calling kettle

    Huawei has insisted that it would resist any efforts to force it to act as an intelligence-gathering arm of the communist Chinese state. These claims stand at odds with Chinese legislation, particularly that country's National Intelligence Law.

    Given that most countries, including the USA, Australia and the UK have similar laws - in fact Australia has introduced even more draconian spying laws, on its own citizens - it is a bit rich the US accusing Huawei of something that all of their own companies would also have to adhere to...

    1. tfewster

      Re: Pot calling kettle

      Cisco? Hell, no.

      1. A.P. Veening Silver badge

        Re: Pot calling kettle

        Seven down, at least as many more to go.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So, break up Huawei, sell it to China based other countries to enable the US to claim a victory? Posturing at its greatest.

    Shame. Likely see its corporate heavy gear going the same way. Breakup and reabsorbtion is likely to slow development as its a tedious business in any sector.


  5. adam payne

    Huawei is reportedly flogging off part of its undersea telecoms cable business, barely six weeks after Australia blocked its attempts to win a major cable contract.

    Sounds like they are flogging it off to another company that hasn't got all the media attention on it. It's still a Chinese company, so the US is still going to block them.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    why worry

    After being spied upon by Google, Microsoft, Apple, the NSA and my own government why would I worry about the Chinese?

  7. Claverhouse Silver badge

    The Can-Do Spirit

    The deal was thwarted after the Australian government unchained its coffers, leading to US company TE Subcom winning the contract.

    Just shows how good old American hard work and know-how can win against all odds once the competition is barred.

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