back to article Stay frosty: Google to fork out another €600m on bit barns in Finland

Pre-eminent data-slurper Google has said it will spend €600m (£529m) to expand its data centre footprint in Hamina, on the frozen shores of the Gulf of Finland. The project will bring Google's total investment in the small Finnish town of just about 20,000 residents to an eye-watering €1.4bn. "This is the largest ever single …

  1. anothercynic Silver badge

    They'd do well with district cooling/heating...

    If Hamina is geared up enough, perhaps Google could stump up some more dosh and wean itself off cooling with sea water and rather use district heating in winter to warm houses with the waste heat its bit barn generates. ;-)

  2. Buzzword

    €1.4bn in a town of 20,000

    Presumably the bulk of that cash is spent on procuring kit elsewhere. It would be interesting to know how much is actually spent locally.

    1. Vulture@C64

      Re: €1.4bn in a town of 20,000

      You can build in the UK, a modest data centre for £250m, that gets you the land, the building and all the M&E inside and out for a modest tier 4 site. Even after adding comms, business rates, infrastructure payments for roads etc it's still not going to be over £280m Maybe Google is paying more for the land and perhaps it has higher ongoing costs plus the water cooling will cost more than the usual air to air, so maybe £320m ?

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Re: €1.4bn in a town of 20,000

        Except you are buying the servers from Google-Bahamas for €1bn so there is a big tax break for all that R&D expenditure

      2. MJB7

        Re: €1.4bn in a town of 20,000

        "You can build in the UK, a modest data centre for £250m" - What makes you think Google are building a modest data centre? You only need to build one six times as big, and Google are getting a good deal.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Weren't those wind turbines for powering homes?

    It may be cheaper for Google but it will have the same net impact on the environment.

  4. Ian Michael Gumby

    Now we know what's causing the icebergs to melt.

    Using the ocean as part of a heat exchanger to cool their data centers?

    Now that's good for the environment!

    1. Killing Time

      Re: Now we know what's causing the icebergs to melt.

      Seawater cooling isn't a new thing and it's highly regulated.

      In all likelihood the relevant licencing authority will have stipulated the lowest possible outlet temperature so it would probably only be in the region of 2-3 Deg C above the ambient seawater temp.

      I think the distant polar ice cap will be safe from that particular heat source.

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