Do Microsoft owe me anything?!

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    Do Microsoft owe me anything?!

    I'm literally so frustrated I thought I'd reach out to the The Register's Great Unwashed and see what people think.

    I have a £2.5k Surface Book 2 with two docks, pen, etc. Easily £3k all in. Their latest firmware update to the dock means that when I try and use a USB headset the microphone has issues all the time. I've tried 4 mics and 3 docks and am 100% sure it's the dock update as the dock that was on the previous version was the only that was fine until I updated it. With the update I regularly get the message "Your device is causing poor audio quality".

    The big question is that now the device is unfit for purpose, do you think MS should offer some level of compensation? I can't Skype without disconnecting everything and running off a single screen laptop (and I'm constantly in and out of Skype calls)!

    I'm trying to work out whether I just have to deal with it and (likely) buy a bluetooth headset and hope that doesn't suffer the same fate, or try and escalate within MS and get them to provide an update or provide me with a voucher / credit so that I can get a bluetooth headset.

    Any thoughts?

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Do Microsoft owe me anything?!

      I assume it's past it's warranty period ... if it isn't, you might be able to return it to the place you purchased it from for a refund based on "unfit for purpose".

      Failing the above, if you read the fine print in your purchase agreement/warranty/EULA etc., I think you'll find that Microsoft has itself covered, and you are owed nothing. Every end-user agreement that I have ever read from Redmond says (paraphrasing) "This product is not guaranteed to do anything at all, not even what it says on the tin. If it fails to work for you, in any way, at any time, tough luck. We don't care, we don't have to, we're Microsoft."[0]

      I'm in the US, you may have other options in other countries.

      [0] With apologies and a tip o't'at to Lily Tomlin.

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