back to article AWS shucks: Nutanix dives into hybrid cloud, mines for secondary data gold

Nutanix has made a flashy bid for hybrid cloud relevance by enabling its environment to run in AWS and added a Mine appliance to bring backup data into its fold. By converging primary and secondary data storage, Nutanix will compete directly with Cohesity's hyperconverged secondary storage business. The firm revealed its …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How Hyperconverged?

    How can this be tagged as 'hyperconverged' if I'm potentially adding more hardware and an additional software layer with additional licenses? Add on top of that the support calls: Do I call HYCU or Veeam or will Nutanix field the calls? The reason why we chose Cohesity (replacing TSM) was to move AWAY from 'more stuff' to manage and to simplify support calls. If Nutanix really wants to win more business, expand/enhance software to allow me to run/store primary and backup data and manage the entire cluster through Nutanix. I'm assuming that's the ultimate vision and that they'll cut out these third parties in the not-too-distant future.

    1. DGYarr

      Re: How Hyperconverged?

      It's like you didn't even read the article. The local storage medium is on the same appliance based, scale-out hardware as regular Nutanix only with limited node form factors. The software is bundled in the solution and managed centrally through the same management play as the other Nutanix product. The gripes you listed are invalid and I think the only thing you took away from the article was some butt hurt over the author declaring a battle with Cohesity.

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