back to article Uncle Sam accuses Chinese pair of romping through Anthem's servers for almost a year

US prosecutors today formally accused two people of being part of a Chinese hacking crew responsible for one of the biggest cyber-heists in American history. Fujie "Dennis" Wang and another John Doe defendant face charges of conspiracy to commit fraud and related activity in relation to computers and identity theft, conspiracy …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    looks like I am getting another year of free credit monitoring.....wait, just checked my files and that free year expired in 2016, along with 16 others, really need to clean this drawer out, it is so full.

    1. Kabukiwookie

      Well now you get another year.

      With a bit of luck the year after that your private info gets smeared all over the internet again and you'll get another year

      Let the good times roll.

  2. Claverhouse Silver badge


    Only the basest and most feeble-minded of nations would void their sanctuary, or offer victims, nationals or aliens, to the maw of American 'Justice'.

    The Chinese whatever their faults are not snivelling cowards, desperate to curry favour merely for pats on the head.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Abject

      China could offer to try the accused locally, in a Chinese court. It would let them seem to be the good guys, without having to agree to extradition. Of course, considering the penalties they hand out for that sort of thing, the accused may well prefer extradition. A few years in a US federal jail might be better than a firing squad.

  3. YetAnotherJoeBlow

    And then one day...

    Years later after all is forgotten, Fujie decides to take his family on vacation. All of a sudden he is arrested. The whole world will feel sorry for the old Chinese gentleman arrested! Taken from his family! Are embassy in China will be picketed.......

    Sound familiar?

  4. GrapeBunch

    O say can you serve?

    Uncle Sam accuses Chinese pair of romping through Anthem's servers for almost a year

    A year is rather a long time to be holding your hand over your wallet. Especially if you're running at the same time.

    Mine's the one with the pocketbook* in the left breast pocket.

    * That's what my father called it; he lived in England for a almost a decade and had English parents. Wikipedia, though, says it should be called a "breast wallet" or a "secretary wallet".


    Would you like a sherry?

    1. Mark 85

      Re: O say can you serve?

      As for running for a year, seems like they were just loading the truck, letting it drive off and then loading up the next one. No running involved until the place is empty. Besides, a running person is a dead give away, better to walk away at normal pace with newspaper under your arm.

      I'd prefer port if you have any and don't mind as it's rather late in the evening here.

  5. Kabukiwookie

    The network intrusion would end up costing Anthem $115m in 2017 in a class-action lawsuit, the largest ever data loss settlement at the time.

    Only $115m. Were they also required to actually put in security of some kind or are they just allowed to pay off (for Anthem) paltry sums of money that they'll happy to extract from their vic^H^H^Hcustomers again?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Skynet knows no boarders.

  7. JaitcH

    So The Self-Proclaimed Technical Leader Can't . . .

    even stop hackers.

    Some leader.

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