back to article Google Cloud grabs serving spoon, ladles instances loaded with Nvidia’s Tesla T4 GPUs

Google has become the first bringer of clouds to sell server instances equipped with Nvidia’s Tesla T4 GPUs in general availability. The new instances are aimed at organisations that work with machine learning, analytics and rendering, but don’t require the power of Nvidia’s beefier and considerably more expensive Tesla Volta …

  1. Bongwater


    Are those the same models where the dude is holding his lady's hand and is caught surveying a nice posterior of not his lady that has been meme'd to death? I must know this. I am the typical reader who really needs to focus on the article and not the pictures with it..... ugh.

  2. Ian Michael Gumby

    Did I miss something?

    I thought Google was creating their own hardware for AI and GPU related stuff?

    Did NIH syndrome finally lose out?

    Or was it all a dream?

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