back to article Xiaomi 'rewards' CEO and founder with £736m worth of B-class shares

Xiaomi's founder and CEO has received 636.6 million company shares valued at more than £735m – not far off the adjusted net profit figure the fast-rising Chinese mobe maker banked for 2018. The "reward" to Lei Jun, confirmed in Xiaomi's annual report (PDF) for the last full calendar year, is in addition to a salary and …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    compensate Jun for his "devotion" to the business

    Surely the work was its own reward and he is not really a corrupt money grabbing twat of the first order. I'm sure all shareholders approve of this sort of nonsense: Profits? *meh*.

    1. mithrenithil

      Re: Devotion

      You mean the bonus he is donating to charity?

  2. paulf

    Smart running shoes

    FTA: "...beyond mobile handsets, the business [...] more recently added a wireless vacuum cleaner, sweeping bot and smart running shoes to its fragmented portfolio."

    If those shoes want to be considered smart they'd better be capable of popping out to do a 5km run while I stay on the sofa in my pants, with a pint and a take away.

  3. Afflospark


    This was an instance That "Hard work always pays".

    you know, Xiaomi was co-founded by Lei Jun in 2010. Xiaomi officially launched its first Android-based firmware MIUI 16 August 2010. And after that xiaomi never look back. It goes higher and higher under the command of its leader its CEO.

    There is a single idea which always works " If you give something good then you wii get it more"

    Lei Jun, Xiaomi's CEO, told that the company prices the phone almost at bill-of-material prices, without compromising the component quality and performance compared to other premium smartphones. It also profits by selling phone-related peripheral devices, smart home products, apps, online videos and themes.

    This was possible only by its CEO

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