back to article Taj Mahal and SneakyPastes: Kaspersky reveals pair of attacks menacing Asia, Middle East

Kaspersky Lab has revealed a pair of attacks targeting governments and political groups in Asia and the Middle East. The Russian security house has issued reports outlining how the operations have been stealthily avoiding detection until now. Taj Mahal breaks its silence after five years An unspecified diplomatic facility in …

  1. Robert Helpmann??

    The Good and the Bad

    "They consist mainly of persistence mechanisms and simple instructions despite their different forms (...known software with open source code that can be backdoored...)."

    One of the good things about open source is that more eyes on the code can improve it in many ways. Unfortunately, black hats have eyes too. While I do not like security through obscurity, complacency is the bane of open source. I'm curoius what the implementation was here. Perhaps adding the backdoors and just posting compiled code for download?

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