back to article Karma chameleon: Reg hack takes SUSE mascot plushy right in the kisser

Some might say we had it coming, but as newly minted SUSE Engineering boss Thomas Di Giacomo's keynote came to an end, this Reg hack took a chameleon to the face. Admittedly, the plush toy didn't do any damage, being soft and cuddly. Which is how Linux veteran SUSE likes to market itself – friendly to developers and …

  1. MiguelC Silver badge

    Got hit in the face with a SUSE chameleon?

    Well sue them for the billions they make in OS licences... oh..

  2. Nick Kew

    Shouldn't a chameleon be the mascot for that other Reg soap opera, the HP/Autonomy story?

    1. A. Coatsworth Silver badge

      The final selection for the mascot was already made: a trash can set ablaze.

  3. Morten Bjoernsvik

    Too much cuddling

    Before docker I used Suses excellent OBS to build rpms, But now we just build containers and push them to private Nexus docker repo.

    Before ubuntu 1404 I was a fan of OpenSuse/Suse Enterprise, haven't touched Suse since. I used to wear a green openSuse hoodie.

    I had to start a vm a few months ago with OpenSuse Leap 2014/2015 something. It was not a happy reunion.

    1. Rainer

      Re: Too much cuddling

      I use Leap 42.3 as desktop and I quite like it.

      That said, I never really liked Ubuntu.

      I'll have to see how Leap 15.1 behaves on my desktop and how well stuff like LXDE/XFCE still works.

      I don't really see the point of those fat desktop-environments like KDE or GNOME. All I want is four virtual desktops, some sort of start-menu, terminal-windows, Firefox, PDF and image-viewers. And LibreOffice. Oh, and an integrated ssh key agent.

      There's no need to try to be like macOS - it will be a futile attempt anyway.

      1. Marshalltown

        Re: Too much cuddling

        I used to run SUSE and did so for years. However, SUSE seemed to be getting grumpier every release. I switched first to Ubuntu - not a very rewarding, and finally to Fedora which has been very well behaved for me - first upgrades (using dnf) for instance that did not break the system entirely and demand a clean install to fix things.

        1. Rainer

          Re: Too much cuddling

          Yeah, Fedora would probably be my next candidate.

          Or just plain CentOS. My desktop should be old and plain enough for everything to run and I'd love the thought of not having to upgrade until well into the next decade.

  4. Claverhouse Silver badge

    I continue to love SUSE, the best rendition of KDE evah; but probably won't use it until it's considerably less self-consciously Modern mirroring the hideous minimalist Fat Slab approach of website design purposed to make the internet all look the repulsive same, that started with Unity/Metro/Apple.

    And less Dark. Oh so dark. Grim expressionist puritan clothes-wearing dark. Suitable for an American comic-book hero's dossier of crazed serial-killers' home-made methods of disposing of random strangers, found on TOR.

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