back to article Capita bags £13.2m Police Scotland deal for crime-snooping tech

Outsourcing badass Capita has gulped down a tasty £13.2m morsel dished out by the Scottish Police Authority: namely, the deal for Police Scotland's Core Operational Solution (COS). Capita in Scotland Capita already gets plenty of dosh for delivering public services to the northern third of the British mainland. As it merrily …

  1. Franco

    What kind of moron sees a contract that Accenture have already fucked up and thinks that Capita are the people to put it right?

    1. Chrissy
      Big Brother

      All about the money

      "What kind of moron ...".... a moron who is solely focused on price, has got a bonus for getting the work contracted out so cheaply, and who knows they'll have ejected with a large payoff and a gold plated pension by the time the entire thing is binned.

      Maybe not so much of a moron after all!!!

      1. BebopWeBop

        Re: All about the money

        Ahh so the operative adjective is crook?

      2. Anonymous Coward

        Re: All about the money

        @Chrissy .. Maybe not so much of a moron after all!!!

        The cynicism is much strong here. The PDF was created in AspPDF for .NET, so presumably the entire COS(H) will be written in dot.NET ..

      3. Veal Crate Coward

        Re: All about the money

        Google Capita, switch to news articles, the top article is a contract award for Police Scotland, shortly followed by

        1. Schools using Capita's information management system have been warned that there is an "incident" with

        2. The NHS cervical cancer screening contract is to be removed from Capita

        3. Capita posted a big fall in profits on Thursday

        4. Capita -Army Recruitment "disastrous" Recruiting Partnership

        Give it 6 months and this is simply be another disaster!

    2. Fred Dibnah

      Someone who can't tell the difference between a frying pan and a fire.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    " Digitally Enabled Policing Programme (DEPP)"

    ...also Bavarian for "fool"..

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: DEPP

      ...and rather appropriately plays a rather camp pirate too! ARRRR!!!!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    What no mention about Police Scotland being the only Force in the UK that doesn't get a VAT refund? It paid £76.5m in VAT in it's first three years alone since being formed in 2011 - and to date remains unable to reclaim the tax. Westminister w*nkers - as usual. Which is a LOT of cash ... just how many extra Scottish plods on the beat?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: VAT

      Why mention it though? At the time it was formed, the Scottish govt sought advice on the VAT impact of their proposed way of setting up the force, and were told unambiguously by Treasury that the framework (s33 rebate) under which the VAT rebate had existed for regional forces would be lost. So they knew at the outset that creating a single national force would mean the loss of the VAT rebate, and went ahead anyway. Any cries now over this 'unfairness' are political, and also not comparing like for like.

      In comparison, different 'national' forces deal with the same issue in different ways. In Northern Ireland they do effectively 'pay' VAT, but through an adjustment to their block grant rather than the method that impacts Police Scotland, even though PSNI get their VAT rebated first through a s99 rebate. All funding through through the Northern Irish Executive is treated as local/regional spend rather than national, which is the differentiator on s33. The National Crime Agency only gets VAT rebated for contracted out services only through a s41 rebate - similar to how other national agencies are treated.

      None of that explains the horrendous IT fiascos up north though. Kudos to Police Scotland though for at least getting money back instead of ploughing on regardless.

  4. BebopWeBop

    £1.3m-a-year gig won't do much more than whet Capita's

    So what is it a 1.3M payment (article) or a 13.2M payment (headline)?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: £1.3m-a-year gig won't do much more than whet Capita's

      1.3m ish * 10 years = 13.2 million

  5. Ste Van De Mull
    Thumb Down

    You'll be sorry

    Yor going to be really sorry and its all going to be a BAFU

  6. Platelet

    Core Operational Solution (COS)?

    They couldn't have gone for Core Operational Policing Solution (COPS).

    Nobody naw give you no break

    Police naw give you no break

    Soldier naw give you no break

    Not even you SIMS software give you no break


    Bad boys, bad boys

    Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do

    When they come for you

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