back to article Disruption is back, baby! 'We've all taken a dramatic base pay cut' beams boss of Intel's tech cash-injection wing

Remember when "disruption" was the big buzz word – before tech bros managed to ruin it for everyone? Well, like denim jackets, it's back, baby! Chip giant Intel today outlined what companies it has invested in this year through its Intel Capital investment arm, and the thread is, yes, disruption: disruption in artificial …

  1. JoMe

    "We've all taken a dramatic base pay cut," explained Wendell

    Right, but in your case (and the executive team I dare say), that pay cut is significantly less impactful than, say, an advisor. This is the problem with these sorts of plans - everyone on board with them tends to be either unaffected, or be in a position to not feel the pain.

    1. ds6

      Re: "We've all taken a dramatic base pay cut," explained Wendell

      What, you think deep-pocketed money-grubbing execs would allow giving up their precious paychecks?

      Fight the power!! End Big Business!! Freedom from The Man!! Invest in cat video startups!!

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