back to article Risky business: Data cloud outfit Cloudera bares all to investors with annual report

Cloudera has an accumulated deficit of $1.1bn and warned in this year's annual report that it expects to continue making a net loss "for the foreseeable future", especially as it splashes extra cash on its merger with Hortonworks. Annual reports, or 10-K forms, filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are a …

  1. JMiles

    Funny isn't it

    Prospectuses when taking a company public are so rosy compared to the 10Ks that tend to follow afterwards.

    So serious question, why are they in business as a public company? Given where they are they ought to either be going private or shutting up shop.

  2. James Anderson

    Makes eeore seem like an optimist.

    10ks are always full of doom and gloom as directors cover thier arses against the threat of mis leading shareholders lawsuits.

    Having said that has anyone ever come across a successful tech M & A.

    The HP Compaq fiasco still rumbles on decades later. IBMs acquisitions disappear after rebranding, renaming after about five years.

    At best these aquistions/mergers allow incompetent management to look dynamic and forward thinking while hiding financial failure in a fog of "integration and restructuring" costs.

    1. Pistolero

      Re: Makes eeore seem like an optimist.

      Might be true for most but Big Joe was a master at M&A, see: Isilon, Data Domain, VMware, XIO, Documentum, RSA, Mozy, Pivotal. Most of these hit $1bil+ in revenue very quickly and VMware is arguably the best infrastructure acquisition in history.

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