back to article Blow 'em Huawei: Rival Fujitsu tops Chinese array in flashy SPC-1 benchmark brawl

Huawei has been knocked off its position at the top of the SPC-1 storage benchmark rankings by Fujitsu, with a 10 million IOPS+ array blowing away Huawei's 7 million IOPS OceanStor. The SPC-1 benchmark tests a business-type, block-access workload and allows data to be compressed and/or deduplicated. Hope springs Eternus: …

  1. DCFusor

    At the price per IOP ratio, I wouldn't call that blowing away, exactly. More of a sucking sound.

    1. Mr ETERNUS UK

      Good to know what CAN be done! When is the best in class the cheapest on the market!?!?


    Fujitsu Storage Product Manager UK&I

    We are proud of these results and thank The Register for the publication.

    Yes, we have the fastest storage in the world!! Is this really relevant for today's needs? For most, no. Well, not yet anyway!!

    I recently read this statement on 90% of the world's data was generated in the last 2 years!! Only 1 % of that has been analysed!

    Data is today's currency. We nurture it, protect it, grow it, value it and would likely be out of business without it.

    We need to push our limits to keep up with our exponentially growing 'needs', not just in how fast can we make it, but in how we can make it work for us.

    We have a complete portfolio of Enterprise Storage solutions, not just the shiny high-end DX8900S4 :)

  3. crayon

    Why is it news ...

    ... when IBM achieved 1.5 Billion IOPS more than 2 years ago?

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