back to article Cloudera sets its sights on $1bn revenues after Hortonworks slurp gave Wall Street the willies

Cloudera said it plans to become the darling of Wall Street in 18 months, in part by breaking into the $1bn turnover club. This promise comes a week after the company reported widening losses and sales that missed analysts forecasts, sending its share price down by almost a fifth. Speaking to The Register at the DataWorks …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still Meh.

    Sorry but the math doesn't work.

    Everyone is pushing to move to the cloud.

    AWS has their own distro and tools. Not to mention that while it will run in the cloud, you need to allocate 15-20% more resources and still have networking issues.

    There's more to this and the push to promote ML, and AI with immature tools isn't a winning solution.

    They will fall short of their goals.

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