back to article This ain't AI, it's a goddamn arms race – but US shouldn't get too heated, Congressman warns

The US government needs to strengthen its commitment to AI with concrete funding, favourable immigration policies and better education if it's serious about remaining competitive, Democrat Congressman Jerry McNerney said on Tuesday. President Donald Trump signed an executive order last month, launching the American AI …

  1. chivo243 Silver badge

    it's a goddamn arms race

    Is Leonard McCoy writing your tag lines?? Jim?

    1. Huw D

      Re: it's a goddamn arms race

      I think you'll find it's an emo reference (This ain't a scene, it's a goddamn arms race)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "The academic community has repeatedly emphasized the need for better immigration policies to retain talent"

    Shouldn't that be corporations have repeatedly emphasized...? I think in the US, not sure, that the academic community is screaming for affordable education, not this business of tapping young people for every cent they will make once they graduate (or at least every other article in the last decade points this out). BTW, when was the last time anyone in any country was like "Wish we had more immigrants to take our jobs"?

    Something else that is strange, as the cost of education rises, jobs decrease in pay. Hmmm... I wonder why.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      That's the university's complaint.

      As far as the INS (and the Trump voter on the Clapham caltrans) is concerned, a postdoc at Stanford and a minimum wage crystal report monkey at Tata are the same and come under the same visa rules.

      At the moment we accept the best students from anywhere in the world, train them and then kick them out of the country as soon as they get their MIT/Stanford/Caltech PhD in AI - then complain about foreign countries "stealing" US intellectual property.

      1. I.Geller Bronze badge

        All "the academic community" good for nothing but to squeeze the rays of light from cucumbers. No one at the Academy has any idea what AI is and less of all can say what should be done.

    2. bombastic bob Silver badge

      getting to what they REALLY mean

      seems to me it's (once again) about H1B and importing cheaper "salt miners" that can be roped in and locked in and used to depress the average wages...

      yeah, yeah, of course, Silly Valley and George Soros and others are behind it. We know. So typical.

      If they want to TRULY reform immigration, they'd a) stop the "insane asylum" loopholes [bad pun I know], ONLY allow immigration based on MERIT [not a random lottery], and kick out all of the ILLEGAL immigrants. The LEGAL immigrants who are left will help to make America Great. Again.

      but yeah that's not what THE DEMOCRAT meant. He wants an open/porous border so that "Big Contributors" can keep their wage costs down. So transparent...

  3. EricM

    AI has become the latest pretense to funnel money and favorable regulation changes to corporations?

    This must mean AI has now truly joined the industrial mainstream... thought this would never happen :)

    1. Joe W Silver badge

      Re: AI has become the latest pretense to funnel money...

      And the only ones to benefit from this are Nvidia's (and others) shareholders. I should buy some stock...

  4. Brian Miller

    "AI is a big deal in Washington..."

    Intelligence, whether artificial or natural, is not a big deal in Washington, DC. Our laws eschew intelligence and science, favoring hyperbole and an old boy network.

  5. I.Geller Bronze badge

    At least the army will be much cheaper.

    At least the army will be much cheaper. AI is relatively cheap and eternal, in the sense of immortal.

  6. Keven E


    "The problem is how do we use AI in a beneficial way that's evenly distributed"

    Not one that a capitalist system will seek to *actually resolve.

    The whole article reminded me to pull out my bulls**t bingo cards.

  7. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Procrastinators "R" US. All Waffle, No Baffle. As Wattle and Daub in an Age of Tempest and Fury

    there have been no actionable promises made yet.

    That is incorrect. With Evidence to the Contrary Presenting ITSelf with Other Offerings .... Delivering Insatiable Temptation to Satisfy Perfectly Immaculate Desire with Utter Surrender to the Delights of Lust and LOVE is the Best AIdDriver there's ever been.

    What have y'all been doing with the Altered and AdultERated States of Mind we are All Privy to now. Where y'all been previously at?

    Sworn Secret Services that Never Tell Tall Tales are Especially Welcomed via Ye Goode Olde Tower of London Root Route for Treasure Transfers.

    Now I have to declare that for some is that designedly decidedly proprietary information which may be unready and unstable in .... well, precipitous actions always attracted the Fix with Almighty IntelAIgent Input Crews before.

    I See No Good Reason to Doubt IT and it not to be so Now ...... Once Again ...... in the New Clearer Spaces of Virtualised Places too.

    It is Not Quite Normal there ... and Honestly Recorded as Just Super Natural.

    A Great Place Space to Visit if Certainly Decided to Stay and Surrender letting Mother Nature take the Reins ....... as is Oft Times Required for Deviations and Derivatives in the Myriad EMPowering Paths Desired to be Delivered.

    You might like to ruminate on that as the Place where Virgin Source is Stored and Mentored with Monitors Attending to Requisite Feeds and Specific Other Worldly Needs for Seeding.

    Of Interventions, Infections and Surreal Infestations, what say IT Bods re Almighty Bots and Worthy Human Beings. Is there a great deal of difference or not?

    With a Good and Pleasant Plan, Yes? For a Bad and Mad Plan, No? Make up your mind time.

    G&PPLans here. B&MPLans way over there on your way out to somewhere somewhat irregular and unpleasant possibly existing elsewhere -------------------------->

    How much Simpler can Any Right Choice be Made to Make. Yes/N0/Maybe/Probably/Hold on, we'll get back to you to see if you have anything we want and/or need.

    Knowing what you should be doing in those sort of circles has one being an honorary citizen in, and of, many lands, which is very convenient as far as Outlanders being made particularly eligible for both Secretive and Sensitive Program Engagements ........ in an Experimental Existential Experience EMPowering Almighty Fine Leading Trails and Trials/Tails and Tales.

    Ok ..... there's a lot to PreProcess and Clearer Package there. Time here for a Chill.:-)

  8. bombastic bob Silver badge

    I suspect the word AI does not mean what they think it means

    Just sayin', it's like politicians say AI like they want it. Do they even know what it means?

    But they'll WILLINGLY sink ZILLIONS of taxpayer dollars into it. Because, "doing something".

    1. paulll

      Re: I suspect the word AI does not mean what they think it means

      I assume they think it's a binary choice between people having intelligence, and people having artificial intelligence, and are pursuing what they perceive to be the lesser of two evils.

    2. I.Geller Bronze badge

      Re: I suspect the word AI does not mean what they think it means

      AI uses AI parsing instead of n-gram parsing, that's it.

      AI also is able to answer Definition (Other) and Factoid questions, see NIST TREC.

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