back to article Formulus Black – the artist formerly known as Symbolic IO – trumpets its new breed of dedupe

Formulus Black has proposed a way to make x86 servers run faster, using a data-reduction method. Its software can run on bare-metal machines, and in virtual boxes in public clouds, such as Amazon and Azure. How it works is a little vague, so here's how best we can describe it, according to what Formulus Black claims. The …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Yay, let's add yet another layer of complexity

    What could possibly go wrong ? And when it does, how can anyone possibly be sure where the problem actually originated ?

    Not to mention, I'd like to know just how security and private data are impacted by this. Sounds to me like some hacker is going to find it more interesting to just encrypt the FbM packets behind the markers and job done, pay up.

  2. Bronek Kozicki

    Yet another RAM compression technology

    These appear since the times of MS-DOS each one selling one and the same, quite stale by now, snake oil. Well I guess there must be some use for it, otherwise the idea would have died already. Or is it the combination of uneducated investors + slick marketing, up to the same old trick?

    1. Wazzupp

      Re: Yet another RAM compression technology

      Im not really sure it's fair to compare this technology to the stuff we would see in the MS-DOS days with ramdisks. I actually think those might have worked really well if a hypervisor were in front of the OS managing it(like these guys appear to do)

  3. lafnlab

    Any relation to...

    Sirius Black?

    Do they think they're wizards?

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