back to article CLOUDERA gets all SHOUTY about rebrand: SMASHES capslock, but easy on the elephants

Now that star-crossed Hadoop-flinging lovers Cloudera and Hortonworks have ended their years-long competition-cum-courtship with a merger, what better way to seal the deal than visiting the Strategy Boutique? As with so many relationships, the on-again-off-again romance has culminated in a union that made one partner take the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That's not an "E" ....

    ... it's a capitalized Greek \xi



    1. phuzz Silver badge

      Re: That's not an "E" ....

      Like this:


  2. John Gamble

    Missed Some Other Choices

    "They've also opted to get in on the oh-so-popular-right-now retro '80s vibe, turning the 'E' into three horizontal lines, ..."

    They missed an opportunity to go back further into the '70s, by reversing the 'R'.

  3. Korev Silver badge


    A suitable scathing article, this is how marketing should be covered.

    A pint for Ms Hill -->

  4. cs9

    The kicker is....

    This logo update is probably the most interesting news you're going to get out of Dataworks.

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