back to article Cloudera execs grab the mic at ex-Hortonworks gig, dish details on new data platform

Cloudera, fresh from the uneven merger with former Hadoop distro competitor Hortonworks, used its first major public event to thrust a new data platform hard at the enterprise. Koopmans presenting at Cloudera DataWorks 2019 Product management Fred Koopmans takes the crowd through CDP Execs at the not-so-new-look firm (a …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    First the architecture that they are now promoting was actually developed over 5 years ago.

    Consider it a storage/compute cluster model which is actually a Data Lake Cluster with off cluster compute.

    Mesosphere has been doing something similar and both it and Lightbend have working systems doing this.

    The issue though is that you need a really solid network fabric between machines.

    10GbE isn't going to cut it which means a higher investment into the infrastucture. Cue 40GbE and faster along with port bonding at the switch.

    Plus better up links out of the rack. Also a need to rethink rack location of storage/compute nodes.

    Posted Anon for the obvious reasons. (And even still some can still guess who I am. ;-) )

    1. Alistair

      Re: Yawn...

      Dont blame you for the anon.

      40G? from my experience this was heading (at 27PB) into 'minimum viable' territory. I can imagine the 150->400PB folks are already hooking in 100G *pairs* to the data nodes. And then you start staring IOPS in the eye seriously.

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