back to article Microsoft buffs up its open-source halo to fine sheen with PostgreSQL GUI in Azure Data Studio

Microsoft has booted out a Postgres GUI for those moments when the command line is just too scary. Azure Data Studio received a preview of support for PostgreSQL last night. Its stablemate, Visual Studio Code, has been given a corresponding extension. The thinking has been that while users may be used to hacking away at the …

  1. Robigus
    Thumb Up

    PgAdmin everywhere

    Ever since it moved to a web-based interface, things have become much simpler.

    Running it as a Docker container has meant it's anywhere we want it. Mac/Win/Linux and yes, Raspberry Pi.

  2. bombastic bob Silver badge

    It used to be called MS Access

    when using MS Access with an ODBC database back in the 90's, for example, you had GUI schema tools available...

    (I have yet to really see anything in the open source world that does what MS Access did in its day)

    But I'm not going to go out and get MS Office just to have Access again. And Access in Office '97 broke when I installed a patch for MS Word. Totally screwed up. I use Libre and/or Open Office now, and haven't seen a good MS Access equivalent there.

    1. Lorin Thwaits

      .. It is in a different league from MS Access

      Access got lots of us excited about data, and the forms and macros available are cool, but trying to use it for any kind of large-scale solution, even with a big-boy database to back it up, exposes how plagued it really is around reliability.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why would you though versus MS SQL? PG SQL isn't even close to the additional functionality and performance of MS SQL.

    1. Lorin Thwaits

      Hold on now, Postgres is good stuff!

      MS SQL is great, perhaps their best product. The excellent rewrite ages ago that brought about SQL 7 has facilitated two decades of awesome.

      But don't think that big bunch of wonderful stands alone -- Postgres is also the bee's knees, man. Remarkably solid, perfectly reliable, very flexible.

  4. rob miller

    pgmodeler made postgres work for me

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