Reentry into general math suggestions

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    Reentry into general math suggestions

    I recently started doing math instead of Suduko, and I've forgotten basically everything. I worked through a Algebra 1 book to start, now I'm trolling places to find suggestions on something to step to next. 20 years ago I made it to Calc 3, now I'm hoping to get back to Calc 3 in < 2 years (or calc 4'ish, I took a weird Russian based math class back then instead of calc 4, but i remember it was harder than calc 3)

    Im not exactly sure I really want Algebra 2 next, I'm thinking Trig 1 since its basically just as easy as Algebra 1 and diverts me from Agebra 2 (ultimately I'm going i don't need Algrebra 2 explicitly before Calc 1).

    Anyways, any book suggestions for a old dude? Exact titles would be appreciated. I've looked at various Trig 1 (Knight & Hall is one) and Algebra 2 (don't remember authors) books from the late 1800's, but those are not as easy as a lot of people claim on the net, not at all. One of the Spherical Trig/Linear Algebra books I looked at basically looks like a crypt text to me, I assume you have to be a career mathematician to understand that one.

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