back to article Public spending watchdog snipes at's £1.3bn infosec plan – but broadly nods it through

Britain's Cabinet Office (CO) hasn’t quite bungled the National Cyber Security Programme (NCSP) but it could certainly be doing things a lot better, the National Audit Office said today. The NCSP is owned by the CO and is the government’s master plan for securing Blighty against ne’er-do-wells and hostile foreign states alike …

  1. Andy The Hat Silver badge

    "Taken down"

    I wonder what 'taken down 140,000 scam websites" means?

    Reported them to Google so they don't come up in a Goggle search until tomorrow under another name when they report them again ... ? Report a dodgy item to eBay? Report a fraudulent advert to Facebook? Or perhaps they've actively killed the hosting site and monitored the site content/owners in collaboration with international police organisations so they don't reappear whilst subjecting the perpetrators to the full force of the law?

    I think I know which is probably true ... but I'd like the official line.

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: "Taken down"

      Likewise, what does "and across government have helped over a million organisations become more secure" mean?

    2. sitta_europea Silver badge

      Re: "Taken down"

      Weasels, weasels, weasels.

  2. Nick Kew


    Helped clean up after Wannacry.

    Should they perhaps send in an elite squad of Royal Marines to bring Hutchins back to Blighty? Help be ready for next time.

    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: Wannawhat?

      Have an upvote, Nick, you got there before me.

      I'm sure there was a lot of heavy lifting after the event but I there's obviously no point in sharing credit when they can avoid it. And they're hardly going to admit they let him go to the US without tipping him off that they knew he was going to be arrested.

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