Anonymous Coward no more ?

This topic was created by JimmyPage .

  1. JimmyPage

    Anonymous Coward no more ?

    Is it just me or has this option disappeared ?

    1. Someone else entirely

      Re: Anonymous Coward no more ?

      I made a post elsewhere on El Reg and "post anonymously" wasn't available. But the option was magically available here as I wrote this reply - except that when I actually logged in to send this, "post anonymously" vanished.

      So it's not just you - but I can't find anything from El Reg explaining what's going on.

      1. Marco Fontani

        Re: Anonymous Coward no more ?

        We had a huge hiccup, sorry - the setting was mistakenly only available to NON-logged in user. The problem has now been rectified.

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