back to article At last! A solution for those unable to wrench their gaze from Windows 10... Er, it's Your Phone

Windows Insiders struggling to keep up with the flood of builds were given something new to play with last night. Lucky members of the Fast Ring received build 18356, which, as is the norm this close to release, featured an ever-shrinking list of fixes and known issues. While the Windows team managed to fix a …

  1. mark l 2 Silver badge

    Instead of the limited Your Phone software that Microsoft offers, just download the Airdroid app.

    It does pretty much everything the Your Phone app does but also works on more devices as you can install it on older Android versions, and as it connect though a web browser so your not locked in to using it just on Windows.

    I have only ever used the free version which is good enough for my needs, but you can pay and get access to other features such as control your phone remotely over the internet, and even activating the camera remotely. It also has an iOS version but I have never tried that as I don't own any Apple hardware.

  2. phuzz Silver badge

    Does this include copy/paste and simple file transfer?

    That could be quite useful when I have something on my computer that I want to share with a friend via phone.

  3. Dan 55 Silver badge


    This is a copy of ClockworkMod's AllCast Receiver?

    Why don't they concentrate on bug-fixing their OS instead of adding stuff you can get from elsewhere which also won't work properly?

  4. jelabarre59 Silver badge

    While the store version of Your Phone supports any phone running Android 7 or above, the preview will only work with Samsung S8/+ and S9/+. You will also need to be running a PC with Bluetooth radio that supports low energy peripheral role.

    So once you take all that into account, there are at best 5 people in the world who will be able to use it. Heck, there are more WinPhone users than that.

  5. MAF

    Missed a trick with the name

    Should have been MePhone to further distance it from iPhone

  6. PeterM42
    IT Angle

    What is wrong with.....

    ....using TeamViewer?

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