back to article Burn an offering and backup your system cuz Windows 10 19H1 might actually arrive for spring

New builds, new cadence, new code editors and a new browser (for some) defined much of last week at Microsoft. 19H1 creeps closer to release While Redmond does not like to use such old-fashioned phrases as RTM nowadays, it is clear the next version of Windows 10 is almost upon us as the Insider team flung out two builds in …

  1. djstardust


    My copy of windows 10 Pro I got on eBay for £6 is working perfectly ..... build 16299.371

    Is it worth the danger of upgrading?

    Answers on a postcard .........

    1. TheVogon

      Re: Hmmmmm

      "Answers on a postcard ......."

      You Gmail down too then?

      Let's hope the new browser has the performance of Edge and the lack of slurping of erm Edge, and the enterprise GPO support of Edge. Oh. I already have that.

  2. fnusnu

    Whoever put the UI together for snip 'n' sketch should be defenestrated. It's an absolute abomination

    1. heligo
    2. Joel Mansford

      I second that, wtf - save is right-aligned on the toolbar .... WHY!?!

  3. WatAWorld

    I don't care if it is on-time or 6 months late. What I care about is that it not screw up.

    I don't care if it is on-time or 6 months late. What I care about is that it not screw anything up.

  4. Unicornpiss


    ..reminded me of H1N1 when I read it.

  5. druck Silver badge

    Understatement of the Century!

    "There is, however, no sign of Microsoft stepping back from six-monthly releases in other parts of the business, notably Windows 10, which has suffered a little in the quality department over the last two releases."

  6. tony2heads

    new name for browser

    how about Chromer

  7. anthonyhegedus

    Be afraid

    Lots of machines still haven't installed (or won't install) the "what do you want to break today?" 1809 update. How late will this one be? Seriously, what will it break? We have a whole bunch of domain-joined machines that go into a sort of 'keep flashing the task bar' loop after 1809, and the only fix is to remove it.

    I know it can't be easy getting Windows to work properly on hundreds of thousands of different types of machine, but they really need to hire some better programmers who actually understand the thing and stop trying to add new features and break things that used to work. They need to have a policy of continuous improvement with regard to what people are actually complaining about, and not worry about whether Paint has a 'dark theme' or whatever it is they're boasting about.

  8. trevorde Silver badge

    Emoji support in editor - AT LAST!!

    "Oh, and the new editor also features Emoji support. Imagine it – Emojis in developer comments. What a time to be alive."

    We often use the smiling poo emoji in comments in our code base, so it's nice to see they'll be rendered correctly on the Mac.

  9. g00se2

    Back up and rewrite

    "and backup your system"

    Err, no. 'Backup' is a noun. You need the verb: 'back up'

  10. end_user

    This is Microsoft you are talking about

    This is Microsoft you are talking about and the powers that control everything bad have historically demanded a starting offer of one virgin. Again, this is Microsoft you are talking about and the starting offering most likely will require more programming virgins than is available even if Microsoft is on record as an equal opportunity employer.

  11. Aseries

    And here it is.

    I am on 18353 right now, still checking out new stuff, but working OK.

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