back to article Microsoft tweaks Windows 10 on Arm64 to play nicely with KVM

A funny thing has happened on the way to 19H1: an Azure OS kernel engineer tweaked Windows 10 to make the operating system considerably more KVM-friendly. Reg reader Waseem drew our attention to a GitHub thread, which consisted mostly of FOSS fans working on the drivers needed to get the Arm version of Windows 10 up and …

  1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    Do I see ice crystals forming in Hell?

    1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      Yes and Pigs flying

    2. A.P. Veening Silver badge

      "Do I see ice crystals forming in Hell?"

      No, you don't as those have been there for the last 1,000 years at least. Hell has always been a cold place, the old Norse mythology is correct in that regard. The idea of hell as a hot place comes from some ancient desert dwellers, who lacked the imagination that cold could be unpleasant.

      1. Waseem Alkurdi

        who lacked the imagination that cold could be unpleasant.

        As a "desert dweller" myself (my country is half desert, half mountains) you can have my word that the desert at night is a really, really cold and unpleasant place to be.

        1. A.P. Veening Silver badge

          Cold desert

          I know, I was exaggerating a bit for the sake of argument.

    3. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Ice crystals in hell... someone blew out the heater!!!

      (Do you know how LONG it takes to get the pilot lit?)

  2. Stuart Halliday

    There was me thinking KVM was a Keyboard, Video & Mouse switch box.... ;)

    1. EvilGardenGnome

      For the record, that needs work too. Routinely do this at home, and it buggers some UX back to defaults, loses my taskbar (side mounted), and other general (and horribly random) changes as well.

  3. ecofeco Silver badge

    Yeah, but..

    It's still Win 10, innit?

  4. karlkarl Silver badge

    KVM is making QEMU shoddy

    QEmu is one of the best ways to run old operating systems for digital preservation but companies obsessed with "current" Linux or virtualization are messing up the codebase a little.

    So little work is done for QEmu for older OSes. For example until recently QEmu had an issue on DOS with reading from the keyboard when DJGPP's DPMI manager is loaded. If we are not correctly reading from virtual hardware at this point, adding layers upon layers is going to start making it pretty flaky.

    Likewise trying to boot i.e older UNIX like Solaris 9 is pretty awkward. So I can't say QEmu is exactly keeping to the x86 spec.

    Yes its hard but I am surprised less people are interested in keeping legacy history working.

    1. Waseem Alkurdi

      Re: KVM is making QEMU shoddy

      A good response to this is that QEMU is kept under Git source control. One can get the "last known good" build (without KVM), fork it into a new branch, say "QEMU Legacy", and develop onto that.

      That's how many open source projects started ... fork for keeping legacy compatibility (MATE started as a GNOME 2 fork in response to GNOME 3).

      1. bombastic bob Silver badge

        Re: KVM is making QEMU shoddy

        yeah, forking _might_ fix things, or restore compatibility. But what worries me is THIS (from the article):

        "The Insider team itself merely pointed out there were some new emojis – rather than explaining Microsoft had taken the step of spotting a problem in the OS that was stopping it working with a popular FOSS component and getting the code tweaked in a matter of weeks."

        They *FEEL* (not think) that _EMOJIS_ are more important than KERNEL FIXES??? Well, from this, it would seem that this is the case... (and I _think_ that emojis are a faddish cancer, like 70's disco "music" - 110bpm 'thunka thunka' for EVERY song, with 2 or maybe even 3 chords for anything NOT written by 'Earth Wind and Fire', heavily repeated like code you did copy/pasta with instead of writing a function, and pounded into your head and pressed out of plastic and over-played on radio "until you like it" and IT! JUST! REFUSED! TO! DIE! even after being spectacularly blown up by DJs like Steve Dahl, but I digress)

        Worth pointing out also, virtualbox STARTED as a QEMU fork and the first really cool feature they added: multi-core support!

        (is that in QEMU yet? I haven't messed with QEMU at 'that level' in a while)

        1. Waseem Alkurdi

          Re: KVM is making QEMU shoddy

          They *FEEL* (not think) that _EMOJIS_ are more important than KERNEL FIXES???

          To a PR entity facing lusers (the "Insider Team"), they are more important! (see icon)

          And while emojis are a fad, they actually help communicating the emotion associated with some sentence, to prevent a joke from being taken seriously, to point out one example. I used to hate them, but not any longer.

          VirtualBox uses QEMU code, but is not a QEMU fork. While VirtualBox is faster, QEMU actually adheres to the UNIX philosophy (the "do one thing and do it well" one). VirtualBox IMO is the systemd of virtualization.

          And yep, you can specify multiple cores, with a number of cores that can be higher than the host (the option is -smp <NUMBER>.

  5. Waseem Alkurdi

    The world _has_ changed a bit

    "... which means that something not running under QEMU usually indicates a problem in the OS following the spec, not QEMU."

    That's a <M$>Microsoft</M$> engineer caring about the OS adhering to standards. What do you think, Steve?

  6. bombastic bob Silver badge

    performance could charitably be described as glacial

    with respect to Win-10-nic running on an RPi 3B+

    (awesome description)

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