back to article Back to ASICs: Nvidia coughs GPU-uge $6.9bn to scoff Mellanox

GPU giant Nvidia is to cough $6.9bn for chipmaker Mellanox, known for its data centre networking kit and InfiniBand interconnect tech widely used in HPC. Sunnyvale-based Mellanox is a hot property - businesses reported to have been interested in getting their hands on its silicon include Microsoft, Xilinx and Intel. happy- …

  1. whitepines

    Already hearing rumors we'll be switching away from Infiniband for new deployments as a result. We've used Infiniband for over a decade, but unless Nvidia publicly states they are keeping the tools and drivers open source Ethernet is probably going to replace them.

    Remember this is the same company that makes you agree to telemetry, including personal information upload, just to use their GPUs. Security already banned Nvidia GPUs from our systems over that little item...

  2. Long John Brass

    What marketroid came up this this little lot

    <marketing_wank>Addressing this demand will require holistic architectures that connect vast numbers of fast computing nodes over intelligent networking fabrics to form a giant data centre-scale compute engine.</marketing_wank>

    Wow; Just wow.

    /Mines the one with the large shit shovel next to it

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What marketroid came up this this little lot

      Sure its marketing, but really get a look at what they are saying.

      The whole hype of 'serverless'. What does that really mean? I mean you have to walk through it... maybe a couple of times...

      When you think about it...

      Nvidia's move makes perfect sense.

      You have to understand the infrastructure behind the push to 'serverless'.

      Posted ANON because I know too much. ;-)

  3. fredesmite
    Thumb Down

    Complete mis-match .. gamers and AI

    What could possibly go wrong?

  4. Rohime

    Ultralow latency for GPU and Display cables?

    Bought for the ultra low latency interconnects one expects.

    But do they care about the Enterprise use of InfiniBand at all? Time will tell.

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