back to article UK's ICO event on targeted ads opens floor to the adtech industry: Anybody? No? Speak for 10 minutes. Hello?

The adtech industry was unable to muster even a single speaker to fill a 10-minute slot to discuss the security implications of programmatic advertising at a much-anticipated event yesterday. The talks were run by the Information Commissioner's Office at an undisclosed location in central London as part of efforts to dig into …

  1. Spacedinvader

    Not surprising really...

    "undisclosed location" they didn't know where to go!

  2. JohnFen Silver badge

    In fairness...

    When you have no legitimate defense, shutting up is your best option.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: In fairness...

      "When you have no legitimate defense, shutting up is your best option."

      Hmmm. Has anybody mentioned that concept to any well known recently arrived soon to be departed politicians?

    2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: In fairness...

      "When you have no legitimate defense, shutting up is your best option."

      And, of course, it bodes well for future regulations. If adtech don't want to talk, then they won't have anything to add when the regulators start work.

  3. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Not speaking speaks volumes.

  4. Flywheel Silver badge

    North/South divide again

    undisclosed location in central London

    I know for fact that 90% of the bloody ambulance-chaser advertisers are in Manchester and Liverpool. Typical Southernist thinking again! Bah!

  5. Blockchain commentard Silver badge

    Surely the ICO didn't target their request to the right advertisers then?

  6. jake Silver badge

    Is it any wonder?

    Do YOU like airing your dirty knickers in public?

    1. JohnFen Silver badge
      Black Helicopters

      Re: Is it any wonder?

      I can neither confirm nor deny that I have that particular fetish.

  7. Chris G Silver badge


    That they couldn't even cobble together some sort of BS just to keep the ICO off their backs for a bit longer.

    If I was the ICO, after such an obvious demonstration that there is little or no security for personal data, I would be after them like a Jack Russell on a rat .

    It seems likely that other than the fact that the data is valuable and they don't want to give it away, they are unable to show anything concrete in terms of protecting personal info within the meaning of GDPR.

  8. Aqua Marina

    No surprise!

    As I was told by my former PLC Chief Operations Officer on the day I walked out, “Data security [of our customers] offers no shareholder value.”

    1. silks

      Re: No surprise!

      Yep, until they have a data breach and go bust!

      1. Aqua Marina

        Re: No surprise!

        They had a data breach 2 years later. They brushed it under the carpet, and today their share price is 4x what it was at the time. The breach happenned before GDPR, otherwise I would have reported it myself, along with a copy of the letter of resignation I handed over at the time.

  9. dnicholas Bronze badge

    I would post my opinion on this piece but Google already knows

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